Discussion Policy A student will receive an ‘F’ for the course (no exceptions) if any plagiarism detected. Post your discussion one week before the deadline, so other students can have time to read

Discussion Policy

A student will receive an ‘F’ for the course (no exceptions) if any plagiarism detected.

Post your discussion one week before the deadline, so other students can have time to read and respond to your discussion.

. before the deadline, so otherbefore the deadline, so other students can have ti.me to read and respond

You must post before seeing replies.

A lengthy post does not guarantee a better grade. A good answer usually provides reliable reference and personal opinions. That means you must have the ability to summarize, synthesize, contrast information from different resources.

Description: BUS COMPANY

A Country Bus Company owns a number of busses. Each bus is allocated to a particular route, although some routes may have several busses. Each route passes through a number of towns. One or more drivers are allocated to each stage of a route, which corresponds to a journey through some or all of the towns on a route. Some of the towns have a garage where busses are kept and each of the busses are identified by the registration number and can carry different numbers of passengers, since the vehicles vary in size and can be single or double-decked. Each route is identified by a route number and information is available on the average number of passengers carried per day for each route. Drivers have an employee number, name, address, and sometimes a telephone number.

There are two tasks in this discussion.

Task 1:Draw an ER diagram that captures this information. After that, turn your ER diagram into Relational model tables.

This discussion is counted as Online Participation . The instructor may leave comments on some discussions, but not every single discussion.

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