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Respond to a classmate’s post. Provide an example of a biblical character who succeeded in applying the concept addressed in their  thread.Must be at least 450-600 words, in current APA format, must use at least 2 scholarly articles as references, and one biblical scripture for each reply. 





1.         Business research methods that I can use to bring research to live in my current job duties are the use of content analysis, identifying options for data entry and manipulation, data analysis techniques, and effective ways of presenting insights and findings. 


Data and other information are key inputs to research and analysis. Data-generation methods and database fields should be clearly specified, and the data should be properly screened and manipulated (Sayago, 2015). My team bears the responsibility of identifying and indicating the limitations in the quality of available data and any information presented should be as factual correct and verifiable.  Sampling data sets will be created from the total number of transactions in each task category.   A numeric value is assigned to each transaction creating a total sum to be considered for sampling.  The sum will be entered into the research randomizer program to generate a percentage (number) of transactions to retrieve for sampling.  The transaction numbers generated will identify each transaction for auditing.


A high-quality study thoroughly explores data analysis techniques, the implications of its findings. It examines where new knowledge and old knowledge are congruent and where they are not; it examines whether existing theories and conceptual frameworks have been strengthened or must be modified.  The Team creates an analytical model of the argumentative relationship of reports, showing that data analysis which allows the construction of both qualitative and quantitative data.  For decision makers, high-quality findings may bear importantly on a particular decision or deliberation. Or they may contribute to an ongoing debate, helping to frame or inform the discussions in a policy area.


Quality improvement documents are presented in report and presentation format and are included as an integral part of the professional development for all Member Services employees.  Member satisfaction is the most significant external indicator of the success and effectiveness the company services and can be measured through direct member feedback and the external resources utilized to facilitate survey results.  Even given the inherent limitations of spontaneous report, the usefulness of this data source can be improved with good data quality management (Lindquist, 2024).


Adam and Eve, they were both aware of the fact that God had created them and all the things of the earth, yet they failed to evaluate information sources even though they knew they had been warned not to eat the forbidden fruit.  Qualitative research would have been beneficial for Adam and Eve to determine the controversy and the distinction.  A validity test could be a resourceful measurement in assessing whether the stated results would be trueYet, Eve listened to the words of Satan when he told her that the forbidden fruit would make them wise as gods and they would not surely die as God had told them. So she ate and gave to her husband Adam, and he also ate of it. Now Adam should have been a bit wiser and insisted on the reactive effect to test on the before measurement of Eve’s knowledge (X) and Satan’s (Y) to ensure that the experimental settings are not bias influencing the response.  That was a crucial choice. They did not die physically at that time, but they did die spiritually. Death is a separation. Physical death occurs when the spirit leaves the body. Spiritual death occurs when the spirit is separated from God. They also suffered physical punishment by being cast out of the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3 NIV).




2.         Provide a workplace example of how you will apply the concepts explored in this course. In addition, provide an example of how a biblical character failed to apply the concepts explored in this course.


The study of business research has helped me to view work problems as a component of a larger system.  As a retail manager, on a near daily basis I am called upon to make decisions based only on information that is immediately available.  According to Cooper and Schindler, business researchers “need to think like business decision makers, delivering concrete, call-to-action insights” (Cooper & Schindler, 2014, p. 10).  Sound business research separates the intuitive decision maker from the visionary business maker.  The concept that seems the most useful in my current professional context is the research process.  The research process provides a framework within which one can address and solve business problems.


The workplace example to which I have tried to apply a course concept is how to integrate an online sales pool with the brick and mortar customers who visit my store daily.


The first step of the research process is to discover the management dilemma.  The management dilemma for my workplace example is that retail stores have limited physical space.  It is impossible to carry every item that every customer desires.  Simply stated, no brick and mortar store can physically stock every desired product.


The second step of the research process is to define the management question.  For this workplace scenario, the management question is: How can a business expand its inventory without physically expanding its floor space?  A study of online / in-store integration finds that this expansion is critical to the challenge of customer retention.  The authors find that the retailer that has different “channels” may prevent the customer patronizing a competitor.  The study finds that ease of utility is central to retailer success.  The authors assert,


Consumers can only be expected to use one of the firm’s alternate channels if such an option is perceived to be an easily accessible substitute or “backup” for the failed channel.  This implies that firms may be motivated to emphasize both channel diversity and channel interchangeability as a means of retaining customers in light of the risk of unavoidable failures (Bendoly, Blocher, Bretthauer, Krishnan & Venkataramanan, 2005, p.313).


The third step of the research process is to define research question.  How can retailers connect the brick and mortar business to the growing online market?  This dilemma is explored in Bob Wilmott’s study of retail showrooms in the United Kingdom.  The article explores the phenomenon of “showrooming,” which Wilmott describes as “the growing trend for shoppers to use the High Street and shopping malls to touch, feel and try products, only to go on to purchase online” (Wilmott, 2014, p. 230).


The subsequent steps of the research process address the best solution of the management problem, but the most important steps is the definition of the problem and the crafting of the question, these steps are essential to sound research.


The biblical character that failed to apply a concept of the business research is King Solomon.  The life of Solomon is marked by early, staggering successes and the dissolution of his wealth, prestige, and power.  Solomon’s fails to use the data that he gathered through simple observation.  Solomon observed the power of devotion and obedience to God in the life of his father David.  He also observed the dangers of disobedience, and of partnerships with those who do not love and serve God through the life of David.  Solomon, however, fails to apply these principles to his own life, and ended his life in a moral condition that was worse than David.  Solomon, through the application of the research process, could have clearly defined the dilemma, the problem, and began to craft a solution that would yield success for his life and the life of the nation of Israel.


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