In this assignment, you will demonstrate an understanding of a major human development theory by applying it to your own development, taking into account the influences of environment or culture.

Note: Some learners find that they are uncomfortable with a self-assessment for this purpose. If you prefer, you may opt to carry out the same type of assessment and development evaluation for an anonymous third person, someone whom you know well and have known for many years. If you choose this option, it is your responsibility to gather the necessary information about the individual and carry out the full assessment and development evaluation. Please respect the privacy of the individual whose development you evaluate by using a pseudonym and avoiding referring to identifying information and provide a note within your paper on how you gathered the necessary information. Title your assignment: Assessment and Development Evaluation for [Pseudonym].


  • Choose a focus on one particular event, time of transition, or major decision in your (or your chosen person’s) development that involved the use of moral reasoning and developmental maturation.
  • Choose a particular moral development theory—for instance, a theory of Kohlberg, Piaget, Gilligan or even Dabowski or Hogan—different from the one you applied in your Unit 3 assignment. It would be ideal to choose a theory that you believe offers rich insights about you or the person you have chosen for the subject of your paper.
  • Choose a general developmental theory as well.
  • Use the Capella library to identify at least three scholarly resources that address the application of the theories you have chosen. Review these resources to identify potential additional insights about the theory you chose that will help you explain and apply the theory—particularly, to address how the concepts of the developmental theory and the moral development theory can inform or balance each other.
  • In a 2 page paper, explore your understanding of human behavior in the context of:
    • Your (or your chosen person’s) personal career development at the applicable stage in life.
    • The general developmental and moral development theories’ concepts that apply to this stage of life.
    • Environmental and cultural influences (including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, age, belief systems, and values) influencing the individual at this stage of life or during this transition in career.
  • Analyze how the general developmental and moral development theories have impacted choices in your life (or the life of the person you chose). Be sure to support your ideas with core concepts that reflect the theories and research. Include environmental and cultural influences in your analysis.
  • Finally, step back from your analysis to view what you have learned from a broader perspective. In your conclusion, synthesize how human development can be explained within the context of environmental and cultural influences.

Formatting Requirements

To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements.

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of grammatical, punctuation, and mechanical errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Citations and references are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting, in accordance with the APA requirements for this course.
  • Number of resources: Three academic, peer-reviewed resources required.
  • Length of paper: 2–4 pages typed double-spaced; the final page count does not include the title page or references.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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