ddha 8246 response to week 1


Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ postings providing feedback on their analyses. Did they analyze the function of each step in the process? Did they discuss how each step in the process related to the other steps? Did they utilize resources from this week to support their analyses? 

this is my classmate posting that need to be answered by questions above


Choose a topic-This is the time when a topic should be chosen that fits within the structure and guidelines. A structured academic question should be formed that can be researched. 

Committee nomination- Students will be assigned a committee. This committee will provide guidance and feedback throughout the process.

 Prospectus Approval-The committee assigned to you will review your topic that you have submitted and approve it. This approval is mandatory to continue on to the next step in your dissertation doctoral study.

Prospectus Development-This part of the proposal gives purpose to the research. You topic has to be a question that has been unanswered and need to be researched in order to provide answers. Your committee will tell you if it will approved of not. 

 Data Collection- This step is important in building the foundation for the proposal. It is up to the student to gather all approved data to support the topic. The student has to develop a research design and collect the data to support it. There is methodology to the approach that will assist in the design structure (Faryadi,2019).

The doctoral process ends with the application of the researched findings. This steps provides the platform for scholarly feedback and contribution. The chair will provide feedback on what is submitted and what areas should be edited.

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