Daemen College Mod 8 Psychological Conditioning and Learning Discussion






Discussion Question: Module 8

Which of the various therapies discussed in chapter 14 would be the most successful for you? The least successful? Why? Make sure to briefly discuss the therapy of your choice.

Discussion #4

Now that we have completed the semester and you have created a growth plan, take the final step and

1. Watch Simon Sinek

https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action?language=en (Links to an external site.)

2. Create (or if you have already created re-visit) your personal why statement

3. Share how the material and activities you covered this semester in this course will help you accomplish your personal why and in particular, how your growth plan will help you accomplish your personal why.

This should be accomplished in a few paragraphs.

Assignment: Module 8

Assignment Overview

Revisit the question from assignment from Module 1 (Pick one of the current approaches to psychology (listed below) and discuss which one you think most fits with your current beliefs about human behavior and or cognition. Make sure to start off your paper with a description of the chosen approach.)

After reflecting on the information from the entire class and revisiting your answer to assignment in Module 1, do you still hold these beliefs? If so, discuss three subjects/concepts in the textbook that fortified your beliefs. If your beliefs have changed or somewhat changed, discuss three subjects/concepts from the textbook that brought about this change.


  • Written assignment should comprise of a title page, main body (text), and a reference page. NO ABSTRACT
  • Link to an example of title page, main body, and reference page – https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ (Links to an external site.)
  • Use the textbook as a reference and make sure to cite it within the text.
  • Paper should be doubled spaced, Times Roman 12 pt. Font
  • Create paper in a Word Document and submit in Week 8 Assignment
  • 3 full pages of written text (main body) required.

Reply: in 50 word eachs comment

1/ I think that the argument made in the sample paper is that when one group is subjugated it will be women (does anyone else agree?). The comparisons of the women in The Handmaid’s Tale with those of the Tahliban were dramatic. I really liked this paper because it made connections to current events which makes it relevant to the audience.

Hypothetically, this last paper should be easy to write based on the research done for the previous papers. I am concerned about meeting the page count. I don’t like writing argument papers because they are, by nature, one sided. Technically, this could be combated by presenting the other side of the argument and debunking it. I guess that doing that would create the perfect argument paper. I hope I can write this paper right.

2/ As I said in my essay, we frequently hear how women are the most amazing aspect of our general public, how world would be a vastly improved spot if ladies ran it. We are totally dedicated to our moms, sisters, lady friends and guarantee we generally need what is best for them. Yet, what is truly best for them? Who is to choose this matter? Have they been dealt with right and do they have equivalent freedoms as men? Numerous inquiries have been raised over the course of the years in regards to sex correspondence and position of ladies in this day and age. Some of them are extremely dubious and are causing a major conflict between rivals. One of such themes is the subject of the fetus removal without a doubt. The discussion normally parts into two basic perspectives, favorable to decision and supportive of life, which both question with strict, moral, and philosophical convictions.

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