Cuyamaca College Servant Leadership Models Discussion

Goal Setting and Organizational Planning:  Write a 3 to 4 page paper explaining how effective managers involve employees in the development of organizational planning.  Use your textbook and at least two scholarly resources to support your assertion.  Provide at least one example from an industry of your choice to demonstrate that employee involvement creates effective management.  Further, within your explanation, explain the benefits of this incorporation as it relates to employee motivation and problem-identification.

Paper Outline

  • Goal Setting and Organizational Planning
    • Organizational Planning and Employee Involvement
    •            Organizational Planning (What is it?  What Skills are Needed?  Why is it important?)
    • Employee Involvement (What type of management style involves employees at the planning level?  How will this benefit customers/clients?
    • Employee involvement and Employee Motivation
    • Employee Involvement and Improved Problem-Identification
  • Example from Industry
  • Conclusion

Part II:  In a separate document, draft (1) a brief business description and (2) SOP for your Capstone project.  Note:  For the SOP, include only the section dealing with Employees.  Think about what you’ve covered in this module to answer the following:

  1. What positions are needed and what are their responsibilities (job description)?
  2. How will you recruit your employees, and what will you be looking for?
  3. What is the pay structure?
  4. What kind of training will they go through?
  5. If you are contracting any positions, be sure to write that as well.

2nd paper

Signature Assignment– The Signature Assignment is where we measure students’ progress as well as the effectiveness of the course. This is a way of holding us as an institution accountable for the learning outcomes and quality of courses we are delivering.

This Signature Assignment will pertain to two different categories, Intercultural Leadership and Servant leadership. It is important that in this ever-changing world that students reflect on leading all cultures as well as their own.  

PART ONE: INTERCULTURAL LEADERSHIP- Research a culture or religion that is different than your own.

  1. Consider the language, symbols, artifacts, customs, values, beliefs, norms, expectations, interaction patterns, etc.? How are these different from your own?
  2. How would you overcome these differences in the workplace?

Then read Galatians 3:28 and Colossians 3:11.

  1. What do these verses mean in relation to leading others? 
  2. How would you lead people with different cultures and beliefs than you?

PART TWO: SERVANT LEADERSHIP FINAL REFLECTION-Please answer the following questions that covers the following:

  1. What is servant leadership, and how does it differ from other leadership models? (Use specific examples. You may have to do some additional research. Please cite any resources you use.)
  2. What leadership roles do you have right now, and how can you better lead/serve those within your sphere of influence (family, church, community, place of employment)? Please be specific.
  3. What is your analysis of the assessments that you took in this class? What insights have you gained through the readings, activities, or discussions with your peers? Will they make you a better leader?
  4. Are there some things you would like to work on, both as a leader and in your spiritual walk? What is your plan for your personal leadership development in the next few years?
  5. Please list at least three scriptures that could aid you in becoming a better leader, then explain why you chose those scriptures

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