Cultural Diversity 700 words

Cultural Diversity, due Sunday 7/27/14 at 3pm EST, 700 words

The question to address in your essay is this: Why is cultural diversity a desirable thing in the United States and why should we encourage knowledge of others’ cultures in our citizens?

You will want to include a definition of cultural diversity in your essay and take a position regarding this question. Your position could be something like, “Cultural diversity is desirable in the United States because __________, and it should be encouraged because ___________.” Be sure to present at least one argument for your position supported by evidence from a cited reference, not just from your opinion.

You will also need to present an opinion that opposes yours and then address that opinion with a counter-argument. 

Remember that this is an argumentative essay and that providing a definition of “cultural diversity” or explaining what constitutes cultural diversity is not the goal of the essay.The goal of the essay is to critically explain why it is a desirable thing to encourage the knowledge of other cultures across American life.

Please Note: This is not an exercise in “political correctness.” For the purposes of this assignment there is no “correct” position regarding cultural diversity. You may choose to disagree with the notion that knowledge of other cultures should be promoted. Because of that, the position you take is less important than the statement and defense of your own position.

Please do not make the mistake of trying to figure out what your instructor wants to read; instead, think about the subject, and create your own answer to the question and support it against a criticism. Remember to review the assessment rubric before constructing your essay. In fact, it might be a good idea to give yourself a grade with the rubric to see where you may need improvement. 

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