CTU Online Caregiver Support Program for Seniors Well Being Strategic Plan Paper

Final Analysis Strategic Plan

This final Strategic Plan assignment in Unit 9 is the culmination of your Data Analysis Project. You will compile assignments 1, 2, and 3 for this final proposal of more than 23 pages. Use previous instructor feedback to improve your final version.

Please review the scoring guide carefully to ensure you have addressed all of the elements.

Assignment Directions

The big finale: Here is your chance to showcase your final presentation of the data of your organization. Incorporate any previous instructor suggestions, compile your report, and detail the organization’s performance, stakeholders served, funding sources, and allocations of funds.

For this assignment, assemble the components you completed in previous assignments following this format:

  • Executive Summary.
  • Introduction.
  • Background.
  • Purpose.
  • Questions.
  • Methods or Instrumentation.
  • Sample.
  • Results.
  • Limitations.
  • Recommendations.
    • Justify how you actually are going to make your recommendations happen in the organization.
    • List your funding sources and allocations of funds from those sources.
    • Summative Evaluation.
      • Project how effective the program will be.
      • Explain how you see the future of the program and how your data will change by implementing the recommendations.
  • References.

Include the following for this assignment:

Evaluate needs assessment strategies including evaluator role, bias, and concerns utilized in a chosen human services program that are grounded in evidence-based research.

  • Include a list that details the priorities of the organization, what needs to be improved, and how services are currently allocated.
    • In essence, you are looking at the needs, the gaps, and the organization’s future wants. What are you doing versus what you should be doing?

Evaluate groups of data using evidence-based needs assessment to propose strategies to address a chosen human services problem.

  • Explain a framework (such as a human services model) to propose strategies to address the needs and wants.
  • For example, look at this from a social learning theory, a leadership theory, and a humanistic theory.
  • Whatever the data shows is lacking, points you in the direction as to which theory to use.

Evaluate program delivery effectiveness using evidence-based needs assessment strategies.

  • In a chart or table exhibit data that displays your population that you are servicing.
  • Analyze previous years to see where improvement occurred to determine delivery effectiveness.
    • For example, do you have enough services, but certain workers need the training to be more proficient at their job?
  • Compare your proposed program to other sample successful programs in order to justify its potential success.
  • Discuss the future ways that will indicate that your program has met the initial goals developed.

Evaluate effective communication methods and practices to effectively explain your data to diverse internal and external stakeholders.

  • Create a 10–12 slides PowerPoint (or similar software) with narration that gives an overview of your report to stakeholders and include the following in it:
    • Title Page.
    • Introduction: Introduce the organization and the data.
    • Questions you asked of the data.
    • Chart and graph presentation of the problem area.
    • Explanation of suggested needed services.
    • Explanation of the chosen framework.
    • Explanation of proposed delivery service and what will make it effective.
      • Future projection of results.
    • References Slide.
  • In the presentation, include descriptions of the bars and graphs.
    • Decide how you will present your information visually (such as charts, tables, and graphs) to your stakeholders.
  • As an organization or agency, explain the services provided to your population in year 1, 2, and 3 and the percentage of services provided.

Predict in writing what could be a logical answer to your proposal from your stakeholders.

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