CSU Critical Infrastructures Protection Plan for Dayton Texas Report

For this assignment, you will develop a plan for a hypothetical complex coordinated terrorist attack (CCTA) using CBRNE against a target in your community. You identified potential targets in your community for the Unit II assignment. You may use one of those for this assignment, or select a different one.

Compose a paper including the following elements.

  • Include some background about your community, and describe the target you have chosen.
  • Include demographics and geographic region information for your community.
  • Include information about the disaster you have selected as well as the type of CBRNE used in the hypothetical event.
  • Include an analysis of the risks associated with the selected disaster within the community.
  • Describe some of the CCTA challenges you would face in preparing for and responding to the event. You may certainly use the Planning Considerations: Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks document as a guideline for this, but do not copy and paste the descriptions/explanations from that document. Use information from your own community to compete this.
  • Apply the six-step planning process from the Planning Considerations: Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacksdocument. Again, explain the steps in your own words. Do not paste the lists of bullet points from the document. Use information from your own community to complete this.
  • Explain how fusion centers might assist your community in preparing for and dealing with the incident.
  • Describe how the concepts of non-proliferation/counter proliferation might play a role in preventing, preparing for, and responding to the incident.

Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation


For this unit, prepare a PowerPoint presentation about the plan you created in Unit VII for the mayor and city council (or equivalent) of your town.

Summarize the most important points in no fewer than eight slides of content (this does not include the title or reference slides). Be sure to include a slide explaining how technology can be used to help prevent that event in your community.

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