CS 459 CTU Football league Management Web Application Project Report

As a senior coder and experienced test engineer, you have been given a new software testing future key project where you were asked to develop and conduct test cases that would occur throughout the software development life cycle. Your project first was to choose between the following 3 possible key project software implementations:

  • COTS and contract software 
  • Data warehouse software 
  • Web-based software 

The future key project will consolidate your work from the previous four weeks to include the following:

  • Week 1: After choosing 1 of the 3 projects, provide an assessment of capabilities, staff competency, and user satisfaction, and create an environment supportive of software testing; you created a requirements traceability matrix (RTM) 
  • Week 2: Building the software testing process through developing the structure for the unit/usability/system test plan, method/procedure, and report 
  • Week 3: Providing the finished populated requirements traceability matrix (RTM) concerning at least 20 testable requirements (5 external interface requirements, 5 safety, 5 security, 5 performance) that will support unit, usability and system test; and the draft unit/usability/system test plan, test method/procedure, and test report. (Note that there should be a separate RTM for unit, usability, and system tests) 
  • Week 4: Incorporate all changes or recommendations from the instructor concerning the view of the software-testing process, the RTM, and the unit/usability/system test plan, test method/procedure and test report. Provide a draft regression test plan, method/procedure and report and 5 requirements to be Regression tested 

For Week 5 the integrated master schedule test events and milestone state a regression test plan, method/procedure, report, and requirements must be added and incorporating instructor and another student’s feedback on the previous drafts from Week 4 to ensure the software product is of acceptable quality and reliability. The regression testing should ultimately identify if the software package is compatible with existing hardware, software, and networks and incorporates sufficient coverage of the business features and functions.

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