CRJ 2513 Purdue University Current Event Discussion

The world of corrections is changing every day. These changes greatly affect our daily lives and the future of the criminal justice system. It is critical that we be aware of these events at both the local and national level. You are responsible for completing two (2) current events papers in this course (25 points each). The article you choose must be related to the correctional system (prisons, jails, probation, rehabilitation, etc.) in some way. Further, the article you choose must have been published within the last 3 years. You may choose your article from a number of sources. They may come from newspapers (e.g., Wall Street Journal, USA Today, San Antonio Express, etc.), weekly news magazines (e.g., Time), or professional news sources located on the internet (e.g., Be sure that the article is long enough so that you can provide a proper summary and critical evaluation. Please upload your assignment to BlackBoard on the due dates listed in the syllabus.

This paper is to be at least 2 pages typed (no creative margins; no extra space between paragraphs), double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font. You will want to aim for roughly 2.5-3 pages. You may go over the suggested page limit—you will mainly be graded on the level of thought and effort you put into this.

This is not a critique of whether the article is good or bad. This assignment should include a well thought opinion of the issue presented and one that asks you to explore your attitudes thoughts/beliefs on the many topics in corrections. Your thoughts should be well-developed and should consider current information, personal views, and evidence presented in class. Although the nature of the paper is seemingly informal, it is not a “complete it and get full credit” type paper. You will need to support your opinions and ideas with evidence! Be sure to give yourself adequate time to think, write, and review what you have done.

For the article you choose, you should develop your assignment in the following format:

Article Title: Provide the title and link at the top of your page.

Summary: Write a summary of the article in your own words. Please do not copy verbatim from the article. Doing so will result in a grade of “0.” Only one quote may be used in your summary.

Significance: Discuss why you chose the article and how it is important to society and the correctional system. Think about who this event impacts and how. Explain why it is significant and provide your opinion about the topic.

Solution: Does the article present a problem? Describe the problem and the possible solution(s) can you think of. This is critical. It is one thing to identify problems, and a whole other thing to devise effective solutions to those problems.

Three Questions: Write three relevant questions about the article (these are questions you would like answered, questions that you could ask students in the class, or questions that you believe are relevant moving forward). The three questions do not count toward the 2-page minimum.

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