Critical Thinking and EthicsAssume you are the CMO for an athletic shoe company. Over 75 percent of

Critical Thinking and Ethics Assume you are the CMO for an athletic shoe company. Over 75 percent of

your sales comes from the United States and Europe. You have conducted business with Firm ABC in Guatemala for 30+ years, but recent reports in the world news have suggested that your supplier is using child labor to produce its goods. The reports show the children are forced to work 70+-hour weeks in unclean conditions without adequate air conditioning and with few breaks. You are considering switching to Firm XYZ in Honduras that produces an identical product in a sustainable manner and provides both green marketing and fair labor certifications. The only downside is that Firm XYZ’s product is 43 percent more expensive than what you are currently purchasing from Firm ABC. The switch would require you to increase the price of your running shoes, which would likely impact your sales. Were your sales to decrease, there is the possibility of layoffs and plant closings. You are also aware of the importance of ethics and sustainability to today’s consumers. Answer the following questions:

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