Critical Analysis of ideas from prescribed readings (Please read the description very carefully)

Assessment 2A & 2B: Critical Analysis of ideas from prescribed readings:-

Length: Approximately 1200 words


The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate your depth of analysis of the prescribed journal articles. The Critical analysis will improve your understanding of the readings and assist your preparation for the group written report. You will analyse 5 journal articles from the Prescribed Reading list provided (see p.14).


2A submission requires critical analysis of 2 articles, and 2B requires analysis of another 3 articles plus discussion of connections between the ideas from all 5 articles analysed. (Feedback on your 2A submission will assist preparation for your 2B submission.)


Critical analysis of each article should be approximately 200 words long and identify and discuss the key ideas and arguments addressed in each paper, evaluate them and reflect on their meaning in the context of current work practices. (DO NOT JUST SUMMARISE) You should avoid quotations and referencing other authors or works in your analysis. Include the Harvard style citation at the top of each article’s analysis.


The final section of 2B should be approximately 200 words and discuss the connections of ideas drawing on what you have learnt from each article and extending this to changing work trends.


Students will be required to submit 2A & 2B to Turnitin for the purpose of plagiarism detection.


Marking Criteria – CCW Critical Analysis ideas from prescribed readings





Correct presentation & numbering of articles

Consistent Harvard referencing style

Clear, grammatical expression

Correct presentation and referencing


Key ideas/ concepts of authors discussed

Identify hypothesis of each article

Accurately depicts key ideas of papers

Draws attention to the relationship and meanings of ideas within each paper

Relates across topics raised in each of the papers

Connections across papers and application of ideas to work trends


Connects the contents of papers to key topics

Conveys ideas that extend own thinking on topic.

Extrapolates from the topics of papers to broader ideas about work

Total mark 30




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