COMS 323 CSUN Socio Cognitive Roles Problem Solving Skills and Outcomes Discussion

To enhance your understanding of the application of the small group concepts we are discussing in class, you will write two Individual Analysis Papers before presenting each project in class.You will reflect on your own communication experiences in your group and also demonstrate how the small group concepts were exemplified in your group as you have worked on each group project. You will give specific examples from your group’s interactions using actual group member names as support for demonstrating how these concepts were embodied in your working relationships. You will expand your knowledge through using research about these concepts from scholarly sources.

You will submit two Individual Analysis Papers to both enhance & demonstrate your understanding of how small groups function using 3 class concepts to describe and explain your experience with your in-class group during work on each project. Each paper will consist of a 4 page analysis that includes scholarly research to support your claims.

This paper is an individual effort and must be completed by you alone; nothing you write will be shared with your groupmates, nor will their grades be effected.

You will need to cite at least 2 new journal articles & 1 text citation describing empirical studies in your analyses. These articles need to be from scholarly, peer-review journals, which can be found in the Oviatt Library data bases.


Goals: To explain & better understand yourself as a communicator in your group work and your group’s development & communications using concepts & terms from the class, class notes, & the textbook.

Format: No less than 4 pages of writing, plus a Works Cited page, double-spaced, submitted to Canvas/Assignments/IAP #1 or #2 with your class #, your name, your group’s name, your group’s topic, & a Works Cited page. Be sure to look at the Rubric to see how you are graded!

Organization: You should organize your paper around 2-3 concepts & terms we have discussed, for example:

Paper #2: Some Overall Concepts from Ch. 8-12

  • Leadership
  • Conflicts (use the “Types of Conflict” terms presented in class; not from the textbook)
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Enhancing Creativity

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!!!

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