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In your responses to your peers, continue the conversation. You may want to consider:

  • How do you think that the key takeaways that your peer has posted can be applied in a profession or in future courses?
  • Are your key takeaways similar to or different from your peers’ takeaways?
  • What are your general thoughts on what your peer has initially posted about?


The knowledge base of knowing and understanding HIPAA laws, ACM Code of Conduct, and the IEEE Code of Ethics. Though I heard of HIPAA laws before I never read them and reviewed what they meant, only what the laws generally were pertaining to. Health Information Technology is a booming field that is dealing with some of the most sensitive pieces of information with an individual: their health. I had never heard of the ACM Code of Conduct and wasn’t aware of all the guiding principles of honest and earnest that are in the IT world. IEEE Code of Ethics are another doctrine I never seen. So these documents made me aware that there are many documents that I need to familiarize myself. In addition, I learned more about the Software Development Life Cycle and the different stages within that cycle. Lastly, I learned that there to understand the legality, morality, and the stage at which to involved your superiors or higher authorities.

Knowing the rules and regulations when being involved in any situation is helpful and more importantly knowing your rights while operating in situations is crucial too. I will keep the different sets of rules: HIPAA, FERPA, ACM, and IEEE in the back of my mind while dealing in the IT world or personal endeavors. Legality vs. Morality is becoming even more important in these times. Knowing what are the laws vs. what is right is a key distinction that will help protect you and your families from assumptions that are made.

I hope to incorporate these skills so I could participate in working on a project until its completion. Becoming a project manager is now on my radar and I will study for the Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification after i acquire my CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ certifications. I love the structure of the SDLC life cycle and project structure.

This course has prepared me for other courses by understanding the team concept in IT and within projects there are tasks that needed to be accomplished before other tasks are completed. There are parallel tasks that are completely concurrently with certain tasks. However, understanding the roles and prioritize will better equipped be to manage an interact with my team/project members. This also helped me with managing my time pertaining to certain tasks getting done. Time management is a key attribute in IT professional world but also in academics too.


We are finally at the end! I enjoyed engaging in these conversations that will help us develop our skills to be successful.

The most valuable skill I will take away from this class how to prepare information to be included in a SRS. That was one of the most difficult tasks I have encountered so far, being able to use non-technical language to explain how the system is going to work. I think learning how to basically paint a picture and occasionally use a picture, help me understand how to express myself and get my point across.

The most valuable knowledge I learned in class was how to navigate ethical situations. Although, ethics has always been a part of how I operate normally, IT ethics was something new. I enjoyed learning and understanding that there is a code of ethics for IT professionals that gears towards helping people and other IT professionals. I plan on continuing to follow this code and use them in everyday life, as they are instrumental in being not only a great technician but a great person.

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