Communication in Disaster Management Presentation

Course Objectives

  • Describe the core disaster communications principles
  • Identify improvements to disaster communications methods
  • Evaluate enhancements to disaster communications methods and technologies.
  • Compose a strategy for disaster communications
  • Interpret what makes a communications method effective
  • Apply comprehensive disaster communications plans to an emergency situation


Build and present a presentation that summarizes the importance of communication/communications to disaster management, including the diversity of audiences and scope of disaster communications. You should explain key principles of disaster communication, describe methods of improving communication/s, and demonstrate how to incorporate effective strategies for disaster communications. You should provide examples of successful and unsuccessful disaster responses, USING CASE STUDY ILLUSTRATIONS OF YOUR CHOOSING. The presentation should be 20-25 minutes in length, and should include visual illustrations and explanations that support your ideas. Do not jam your slides full of text – explain to us in a conversational manner the ideas outlined on the slides. You should assume that your audience is made up of emergency management personnel (but you may discuss with the instructor other possible audiences if you have something in mind).

The final presentation will be made on Zoom and will include 5 minutes or so for questions. Presentations are open for others to observe.

Presentations should include verbal and written sources, cited in APA format, and a references slide with all sources.

An alternative to this project could be a written paper, but you will have to request permission to do so, with justification, to your instructor.

Submit your completed PowerPoint file prior to your presentation

—————-items to include———–

Overarching Disaster Communication Principles

  • What universal communication principles/fundamentals do I want to focus on?
  • How can I incorporate a focus for diverse and vulnerable populations into my work?
  • How will I approach ethical dilemmas from a communications standpoint?
  • What expert advise/reminders can I employ when everything else fails?
  • How will I emphasize the complexity and 2-way nature of communication?
  • How will I emphasize the need for communication flexibility?

Some Specific Disaster Communication Areas:

  • Overall communications philosophy, best practices, and guidelines
  • Traditional media
  • Use of social media
  • Use of other technologies to alert publics
  • Use of technologies to communicate with responders
  • Working & Teaming with other groups/organizations

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