[SOLVED] Communication event

SUMMARY OF INSTRUCTIONS communication event
An 8-10 page original analysis paper on a real-life communication event that took place during the Spring 2022 semester (January 2022-May 2022). Model papers are on Blackboard.
Must apply twelve (12) communication concepts or terms from the textbook.
Must integrate three (3) research examples from the book or scholar readings
Must be in paper format (see p. 17 of syllabus).
Must include a Works Cited page.
In-text references and cited works must be in APA style.
Graded on a 200-points scale (see grading rubric on final paper).
In this 8-10 page assignment, you must engage one communication event of your choice on a critical analytical level by applying communication concepts to interpreting the event. This paper must be original content (i.e., of your own creation authored only by you).
An event is a “in-real-life” communication episode that involves significant communication activity to exchange information, develop meanings, and bring relationships into being.
These events can include (but are not limited to) a public speech, a planned meeting, an extended interaction between people, a public event, a conflict situation, a compliance-gaining situation, symbolic event. The event must take place in real life. It may be in-person (you are present at the event) or mediated (watched on television or online) and must have taken place during the Spring 2022 semester (January 2022-May 2022).
Some communication event ideas for you:
The Academy Awards/Golden Globes or similar awards show (may include pre/post-shows, commentaries, graphics, etc.)
A formal or structured event/ritual (wedding, citizenship/naturalization, awards ceremony, tea ceremony, etc.)
Presidential address, like 9/11 commemoration or State of the Union
Political acceptance/concession speech
Interview (job, celebrity, politician, etc.)
Sports game (including commentary, interviews, graphics, halftime show, etc.)
A conference panel
A club meeting (student, sports, etc.)
A social event (party, gala, fundraiser, networking event, etc.)
A Zoom/FaceTime birthday party or get-together
NOTE: It is recommended that you choose an event that is lengthy enough for you to apply at least 12 communication concepts.
EXAMPLE PAPERS: Papers from previous semesters that received an “A” grade on this assignment are posted on Blackboard. You may use these papers as models for your own paper.
The purpose of this paper is to apply the multiple communication concepts and research we covered during the course of the semester to the communication event. In other words, what you are doing is putting together theory (course concepts and research) and practice (everyday communication). This Final Paper should demonstrate your ability to apply what you learned this semester to understanding communication behavior in real life.
The event must take place in real life. It may be in-person (you are present at the event) or mediated (watched on television or online) and must have taken place during the Spring 2022 semester (January 2022-May 2022).
Concepts/Theories and Research Examples
Specifically, you are to choose at least twelve (12) concepts or theories from any term that is bolded or in the Key Terms list at the end of each chapter AND at least three (3) examples of research from the textbook or lectures in order to apply a scholarly, informed analysis of the event (research must include names of researcher[s]).
Research is defined discovering new knowledge or adding to previous knowledge with findings or ideas that arise from systematic investigation. The three examples of research criteria refer to attributing scholarly ideas and research to the researchers’ names. This is good practice for your more advanced papers in your upper-level classes where you will be required to cite the researcher’s name with their research. You may choose researchers from either the textbook or cite the scholar readings we used for Analyze assignments as research examples. Be sure that if you use the scholar readings, you cite them in the paper text and in the Works Cited. If you are unsure if your chosen concept or research is admissible, feel free to email Prof. Bui or your TA for confirmation. Any example of research with the names in your paper, whether from the textbook or the scholar readings, would be one of your three research examples.
An example of citing one research from the textbook is like this:
This event also shows how the leader of the group engaged in altercasting. The textbook cites how Tracy (as cited in Duck and McMahan, 2020, p. 34) defines altercasting as …
The altercasting example is a research example because it cites the researcher’s name with their research idea. Alternatively, it could count as a concept only if you didn’t cite their names and just used the concept itself in your paper.
Your paper should be a minimum of 8 full pages in length and should not exceed 10 pages in total (not including Works Cited). The structure of the paper should follow this format (HOWEVER, DO NOT USE THESE HEADERS, EXCEPT WORKS CITED, IN YOUR PAPER):
INTRODUCTION: (1/2-1 page) Preview your paper in this section and provide a thesis (a statement of what you will do in paper and why). Be sure to identify the event, date, and how you were involved or viewed it. Summarize the event in a paragraph.
BODY: (6-8 pages) Explain and define in your own words the 12 concepts and 3 research examples you chose (and cite page numbers), why you think they are relevant for analysis and to the event, and apply them to the event in this section. Please bold, italicize, OR
underline your chosen concepts and research so they may be accurately counted. The cited three research examples must include the name of the researcher(s) and an explanation of the research (e.g., “Erving Goffman’s research on identity as a performance (p. 64) offers us a way to…”).
CONCLUSION: (1/2-1 page) Summarize and bring closure to the paper. How does your analysis help us understand a communication topic or area? (E.g., “By applying communication models of relationships to Harry, Meghan, William, and Kate, I demonstrated how we can understand the deterioration of their family relationship. This analysis contributes to research in personal communication and relationships by providing a case study that shows how disclosure, conflict, and storytelling helped transact relationships.” )
Cite the textbook on your Works Cited page since this is your primary citation source. When citing research names from the textbook in your text, cite the textbook like one of these:
(Duck and McMahan, 2018) (Duck and McMahan, 2018, p. 25)
Goffman’s study (as cited in Duck and McMahan, 2020, p. 64)…
If you decide also to use scholar readings from your Analyze papers, use the correct APA citation of the reading.
As a reminder, to fulfill the “three examples of research” criteria, you can use research from the textbook (and reference like in above bullet point) and/or you can use the scholar readings.
Cite Prof. Bui’s lecture if you are using research mentioned only in lecture (i.e., was not in textbook). Lectures should be cited like:
Bui, Diem-My, UIC COMM 101 lecture, Week 10, Blackboard.
Cite the communication event that you are analyzing.
For in-person events example
2022, April 21. Wedding of John and Nick. Evanston, IL.
For mediated events example (for other examples, see also APA Style sheet on Blackboard)
60 Minutes. (2021, February 14). Bill Gates: The 2021 60 Minutes Interview
[Video]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNKdlnoAqIs
You are not expected to have other citations unless you are referencing a mediated event (e.g., an interview on YouTube, a speech on CNN, etc.).
Use APA formatting style (see Blackboard for example style sheet) for all citations. APA format is the predominant formatting style for the communication discipline.
Grading Criteria (Full Rubric is on Blackboard)
Thesis/Introduction: Did you preview the paper, cite the event properly, and give a short summary of event? Is the central idea/thesis easily identifiable and worth developing? A thesis is a central idea or argument on which you construct your paper. An example of a good thesis statement for this type paper:
An analysis of the event, , reveals that the verbal and nonverbal messages in the dialogue and actions offer insight into various conflicts in gender communication and thought.
Concept Application: Uses at least 12 concepts from Key Terms and 3 research examples. Have you comprehensively explained each concept/research and cited properly?
Application of each concept is reasonable, well-thought out, creative and insightful. Critical Thinking: Moves beyond regurgitation of readings by providing insightful ideas and connections to contemporary examples. Demonstrates a clear understanding of the ideas, issues, and arguments of theories and concepts. Must be your own original work.
Structure and Style: Is your paper intelligible, and engaging of the audience’s attention because it is well-organized, while the writing is lively and clear? Does the body connect well to the thesis? Are there solid topic sentences? Is it written in an appropriate college- level tone (free of slang, clichés, and uninformed judgments)?
Use of Evidence or Examples: Argument used to buttress every point with at least one example from event or textbook. Examples support mini-thesis and fit within paragraph. Excellent integration of textbook and event into sentences. Use only minimal number of quotations. If using quotations, be sure to paraphrase or explain in your own words, in addition to the quote. Includes APA style works cited.
Logic and Argumentation: All ideas flow logically. Argument is identifiable, reasonable and sound. Author makes novel connections to material, which illuminates the thesis.
Appropriate academic level tone.
Mechanics: Is the paper typed (double-spaced, 12-point font, w/ 1” margins)? Have you proofread until the spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax are flawless?

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