COMM 120 GCCCD Interpersonal Communication Chapter Summary Notes

Write one paragraph in your own word 100% and no reference!

Read Chapter 6:  Interpersonal Communication Processes, read only 6.1

6.1 Principals of Interpersonal Communication. 


You will be asked to read chapters, according to the “class schedule” handout. You will then take “notes” on those readings for your own understanding and to assist you with doing well on your 

Make sure that you read all the chapters that I’ve asked you to read.  They are not going in chronological order all of the time.  there are also several chapters within what I call “one reading”.

If I label something a “READING”.  Then you need to do the notes for that particular set of notes.  At the end of each set of notes you will write your own personal reaction to the material that you just read and took notes on.  It will be explained in more detail under the heading “Personal Comments”.


PART 1:  Do the required “Reading” (the schedule will be on the module).

PART 2:  Take notes. Computer printed notes or handwritten are accepted.

Write your notes in some type of “outline” format.  This means I expect  To see abbreviations, key words, phrases…  There is not a maximum number of pages, (but 2-3 is common).

Less than a page of notes is not acceptable. You will be uploading your typed or handwritten notes to Canvas, under each assignment.

PART 3: PERSONAL COMMENTS: This is the most important part of the assignment

At the end of your notes and after thinking about what you read, write your own      personal comments about what you read.

Please label this section after your notes by writing:  “Personal Comments”

Do not write a summary of your notes. This should be more of a journal of your own thoughts. 

Here are some suggestions as to what to include after the reading. 

  1. What in your own life, did you relate to, after reading this chapter?
  2. Use your own personal experiences to apply what you read to your own life.
  3. What research study did you find interesting, new or maybe even confusing?
  4. Do you have any questions, that you’d like me to address in class?

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