COM 101 Zayed University Defend Your Favourite Reading Reflection Essay

While you are in college, think about being a student as (one of) your job(s). You should communicate with your professors like you would with employers in a professional work environment.
Write a 150 word (max) formal email to Professor Michaels to make an argument to keep a course reading on the syllabus.

• Use an account with an appropriate email address. Cutesy, offensive, or childish email addresses are inappropriate in professional interactions
• Use an informative subject line. Include the course name and a brief explanation of the nature of the email. For example: “COM 111 SYH/G: Title of the Assignment”. Please include your section code after the course code

Starting your email:
• In a formal context, begin the email with “Dear Professor Michaels.” Do not call professors by their first names unless they ask you to do so
• Your introduction should begin with a single thesis sentence that summarizes a specific reason why your professor should continue to include your favourite course reading on the syllabus

Body of email:
• The body paragraph/s of your email should demonstrate ethos, logos and pathos:
o Ethos: Explain who you are and why your opinion about the reading should matter, so as to develop the credibility of your email
o Logos: Make a logical case for keeping the reading on the syllabus (how does the reading contribute to the knowledge and skills you are trying to develop at Seneca?)
o Pathos: Make an emotional case for keeping the reading on the syllabus (how did the reading affect you?)

Closing your email:
• The conclusion should restate the thesis .
• End your email with a closing (like “Sincerely” or “Thank you”) and your name
• Below your name, include an email signature with your name, your current program & college, and your contact information (email or phone number)

Format and submission:

• Your assignment must be a doc.x – not an email
• It must look exactly like an email – addresses etc. in upper left corner
• Proper signature on bottom left
• Correct spacing as in this page of instructions
• It must be submitted to the assignment dropbox
• DO NOT email this to me or I won’t be able to correct it

General email writing for college:
• Write in complete sentences with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation
• When in doubt about how you should speak, write, or act, it’s safest to write more formally. An email to a professor should not read like a text message, or a demand to a customer service representative
• Proofread your email before sending it

Formal Email Assignment: Defend Your Favourite Reading

Assignment Requirement

• Uses appropriate email address
• Appropriate subject line
• “Dear Professor X”
• Starts with a concise thesis

/ 2

• Ethos: Explains who you are and why your opinion should matter
• Logos: Makes a logical case for keeping the reading on the syllabus
• Pathos: Make an emotional case for
keeping the reading on the syllabus

/ 6

• Restate the thesis
• Next steps: connects COM 101 to future at Seneca / beyond
• “Sincerely” & name
• Email signature

/ 2

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