Columbia University Wk 11 The Anatomy of Healing Psychology Discussion

The Response Paper Part 4 is based on the lesson, material and assignment of week 11.

In part 4 we learned that when we reach a good amount of self-awareness, we go beyond healing an illness. We discover that well-being is more than just the effective and efficient functioning of our being, we realize that actually it is equal to the pursue of happiness. 

We learned that there is a scientific explanation of the direct correlation between the level of our awareness and the level and the type of happiness we can achieve. It is a correlation determined by a precise level of activation of our brain functioning, that of the prefrontal cortex, in a coherent and integrated way.

We learned that to reach that level of coherence, it is necessary to practice forgiveness. We have to forgive in order to live in synergy with our soul and practice appreciation and unconditional love. 

It’s clear now that true and lasting forgiveness is not what commonly is only intended from a moral and religious point of view. It is one of the skills of our psychosomatic unity for resilience. Consequently, forgiveness is central to our self-healing and it has been evolved in an effective therapeutic method for healing.

Let’s revisit all the good questions in this section of Dr. Poli’s book and turn it into an exercise:

Meet the Super Conscious: pages 314-315

….”get in contact with Consciousness by simply closing their eyes, listening to the dialogue of the mind and at some point asking themselves: “Who is thinking this thought right now?” At that instant, for a fraction of a second, the mind creates a void; the mind cannot answer this question, yet you do exist. That’s the Super Conscious, Consciousness”…

  • Forgiveness and power -Challenge is an opportunity to grow pages 319-320

…”I found that there was a question I could ask myself: “What can I learn as a human being from this experience?”…

Radical Forgiveness: pages 336- 337

  • …”apply the Radical Forgiveness:

1) What’s perfect in what’s happening to me?
2) How does this perfection reveal itself?
3) How can I change my perspective in recognition of the inherent perfection in it?”….

Opening to Love: page 359

  • ..”If you accept to live it, if you can even ask “What am I learning from all this?” and “Why should I thank that for happening?” Then you will go through it and it will pass”…

Meeting the soul page 366

…”What if pleasure was about being able to flow and enjoy the here and now? What if life and pleasure were the same thing?”…

Reflect on your experience and write your paper, describe the connection between healing, consciousness and love asking yourself to answer the following questions:

What are the main phases of forgiveness method that you choose for your self-healing?

How do you feel your personal power and forgiveness  related?

  • How do you describe love from the soul perspective?

What are the main phases of forgiveness that you choose for your self-healing?

How do you feel your personal power and forgiveness related?

  • How do you describe love from the soul perspective?


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