Columbia University American Revolution Discussion

YOU MUST HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ME TO EMAIL YOU THE VIDEOS. The files are too big for me to upload on studypool. ( This folder consists of three videos).

I. All reviews should be done in 12 pitch/letter size, and 1.5 line spacing.

II. You should review the entire content of each assignment folder.

A. You should critique each film in a given folder in at least 1 (one) page (Total of 4 pages). Do

not send separate pages for the same folder. Combine them all into one single

document. Write down the name of each film when reviewing it.

C. Keep your paragraphs short, no longer than 5-7 lines, but use as many

paragraphs as you like. Failing this, your review will be returned to you


D. You must answer five/5 questions for EACH film you review. NUMBER YOUR

ANSWERS 1 to 5, on your review (do not write the subtitles), then answer it

Below are the five questions you must answer in each review.

1. Tell the reader what is the subject matter of the video/article and a short summary of

the content.

2. Then give an account of the positive aspects of it—expressiveness, clarity of the

message, staying on subject, usefulness, etc. Do NOT review the cinematography or

the opinions of the protagonists/antagonists . This is not a course on cinema.

3. Another account on the negative aspects but NOT the cinematography or the

opinions of the protagonists/antagonists in the films. Some documentaries are nearly

100 years old, or taken on a cell phone camera impromptu. Naturally they will be black

& white, grainy, or totally amateurish technically).

4. Follow this by another account explaining how helpful the film/article is to you to

better learn the course subject matter.

5. The last section should be your personal opinion: did you like it or not and why?

The five answers should be more or less about the same in length.

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