Colorado College Adventure Learning and Action Learning Questions

Part 1

  • If you had to choose between adventure learning and action learning for developing an effective team, which would you choose? Defend your choice.
  • Discuss the steps of an action learning program. Which aspect of action learning do you think is most beneficial for learning? Which aspect is most beneficial for the transfer of training? Explain why and defend your choices.

Part 2

    • Compare and contrast the two primary similarities and two major differences in the two websites.
  • Recommend two ways you could incorporate The Khan Academy and/or Ted, Ideas Worth Spreading, into a training class for adult learners. Provide a rationale for your recommendations.

Part 3

  • Assume that you are the training manager for a small company of 300 employees. The company has 5% employees from underserved populations and 20% of the employees are women. The company has recently instituted policies regarding diversity and inclusion that many of the senior employees regard as unnecessary. Recommend at least two ways your training department can support the diversity and inclusion policies. Provide a rationale for each recommendation.

Part 4

  • What is the purpose of unconscious bias training? Provide an example of how unconscious bias training can affect who gets to attend training or who is asked to participate in development activities.
  • Do you think that disbanding employee resource groups such as those for women, Hispanics, veterans, and other groups helps or hinders efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Explain why.

Part 5

  • Do you think employers will continue to invest in education and training programs for their employees? What new skills will trainers need to be successful in the future?
  • Thinking back over the quarter and all you have learned about training strategies, discuss at least two of the training methods you consider most effective.

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