Colorado Christian University Originality in Art Essay

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This week we are discussing originality, which is definitely something to be debated. Is anything original? Do you believe God is the the originator of all things? Do you believe in the superiority of man to craft his own destiny by choice? We could go on and on.

One type of art I personally enjoy is when and artist will take traditional cultural art forms (the “original”)and give them a new flavor, if you will. For example, think of Asian fusion cuisine or hip street tacos. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for authentic art that is well done; but as far as creativity is concerned, I like a unique spin that is influenced by our current culture or an artist’s unique perspective.

This week, begin thinking about your final project in terms of this: will you build on older methods but add your own spin? Will you try some new skill and attempt to master the craft in the traditional style? What excites you when you think of your talents and being given this time to create?

Here is a video that embodies that balance between traditional and contemporary. Supporting indigenous artists is essential right now because their voices were silenced for so long. Enjoy!


Reading Assignment

Please complete the following before the session:


Barrs, J. (2013). Echoes of eden.

  • Chapter 2: Imitation, the Heart of the Christian’s Approach to Creativity


  • Based on your reading, identify at least three art forms used throughout the Bible and the purposes for which they were used.
  • After presenting the different ways that art appears in Scripture, give three examples of ways that we, as Christians, can use art work (or any expression of creativity) as a doxology. How are these similar or different from the art that we see in the Bible?
  • What specific examples of creativity do we see within the contemporary Christian church?

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