Collection Statement Project Presentation

Now, you need to:

  1. Write a curatorial statement to introduce your exhibit
  2. Put your PowerPoint Presentation together including images of your chosen artwork and your exhibition texts (submitted in Module 3)
  3. Put together the References Page (if needed) and double-check for proper MLA citation of sources throughout your presentation. Review the MLA Guidelines and Resources
  4. Conclude your presentation and submit for grading!


Create your “Major Assignment: Collection Project” PowerPoint Final Presentation! Your presentation should serve as a virtual gallery of your exhibit including high-quality images of the artwork on display, a curatorial statement, curator’s direction, exhibition texts, and any other information that enhances your visitors’ virtual experience. The presentations should be informative, engaging, and thoughtfully crafted.

  • Please NO distracting animations or transitions – let the art speak for itself.
  • The presentation should be organized according to the manner in which visitors would experience the art in person.
  • Written portions are expected to meet college-level standards, including proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The Final Presentation Checklist:

  • Title Slide
  • Curatorial Statement Slide (see guidelines for “Writing a Curatorial Statement” below)
  • Curator’s Directions Slides detailing arrangement, organization, and aesthetic of the exhibit
  • Images of 4 – 10 chosen works of art
  • Exhibition texts to accompany each of the 4 – 10 works of art
  • Conclusory remarks/final slides

Guidelines for Writing a Curatorial Statement:

The curatorial statement is an introduction to your exhibition, and thus, should appear at the beginning of your presentation (imagine it’s also printed on your museum brochures and printed museum guides) A well-written curatorial statement is your chance to guide your visitors’ experience of your Virtual Exhibit. It provides an opportunity to communicate directly with viewers and to help them recognize the intent and purpose of your exhibit/collection, understand your point of view, and generate intrigue and curiosity about the exhibit they are about to experience. It’s a personal statement from you to your patrons. It should be professional, polished, and inviting.

Curatorial Statements should be 3 paragraphs in length and approximately 250-300 words. Use the following outline to craft your Curatorial Statement:

  • 1st paragraph – discuss the theme and overall message of your exhibition. What inspired this particular exhibit and why is it worthwhile?
  • 2nd paragraph – describe your selection process. How do these few works come together to tell the story you want to tell. Briefly list the types of works that viewers will see in your exhibit. This may include portions of the artist’s statements (if available) and/or excerpts from external press/critical reviews about the works (if available). Be sure to properly cite any external information that is paraphrased or quoted if applicable.
  • 3rd paragraph – discuss any choices you’ve made as the curator to create a positive museum-going experience. What decisions have you made to ensure these are thoughtfully displayed. What final note do you want to leave with viewers about the experience you want them to have when they tour your exhibit?

All resources and instructions, including sample “Student A+ Collection Project” and a “Mrs. Case Collection Project” are available in the
“Work on Your Collection Project” sub-folders in Modules 1-4; they are presented in the order as tasks should be completed. Please see these documents and samples for reference.

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