CMR 242 Miami University Marketing Strategies of Silver Plate Dishes Research Paper

Mu business is Fast food restaurant.

You will be using the SCORE Business Plan template provided to you. This template has questions throughout to help you research and cover all the necessary topics in creating a thorough, professional business plan Depending on the business that you select, you will use at least some of the information and the questions will trigger you to think about areas that you may not have considered otherwise. Review the documents below, which include all the project requirements and grading criteria.

Table of Contents

Confidentiality Agreement 3

I. Executive Summary 5

Executive Summary 6

II. Company Description 7

Company Description Worksheet 8

III. Products & Services 9

Product & Service Description Worksheet 10

IV. Marketing Plan 11

SWOT Analysis Worksheet 12

Competitor Data Collection Plan 14

Competitive Analysis Worksheet 15

Marketing Expenses Strategy Chart 17

Pricing Strategy Worksheet 19

Distribution Channel Assessment Worksheet 21

V. Operational Plan 23

VI. Management & Organization 25

Management Worksheet 26

Organization Chart 27

VII. Startup Expenses & Capitalization 28

VIII. Financial Plan 29

IX. Appendices 31

X. Refining the Plan 32

Now That You’re (Almost) Finished . . . 34

What needs to be done: Except for the bold parts

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