CJA 484 UP Organizational Behavior Concepts Criminal Justice Discussion

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Organizational Behavior Concepts

Within a law enforcement establishment, the general organizational behavior concepts used consist of administration, development, structuring, leadership, and monitoring, Administration is the idea of instructing individuals to effectively accomplish the ambitions of the division in an operative technique. “These outcomes come through the intermediate outcomes of employee experiences of calling and membership” (Pawar, 2009). Development is the idea of creating a strategy for establishing and accomplishing objectives. Structuring happens when collecting information is used to effectively gather the objectives. With that, the idea of leadership is a method of encouraging individuals to accomplish responsibilities that will permit for the objectives to be seen. Lastly, monitoring is the idea of developing the value and amount of the organization used to attain the objectives.

Professional Standards and Values

Professional Standards and values are implemented in management followed in the criminal justice day-to-day procedures. Professional standards applied in criminal justice are to serve and protect the publics interest, integrity, professionalism, respect and protect human dignity and human rights, ensure fair, firm, and consistent upholding of the laws, and professional confidentiality. When employees are found not abiding and following these standards disciplinary action is given as a reprimand (ACLU,2010). Values integrity, truthfulness, protect and serve the community, leadership, and respect of people. As employees represent the upholding of laws by serving in the criminal justice department they must follow and demonstrate each standard and value as a part of their day-to-day job. When employees are found out of compliance with these standards disciplinary action is followed.

Common managerial practices

Criminal justice agencies like many organizations must adapt different kinds of management to achieve their mission set out such as crime prevention, adjudication of criminal offenses, and punishment of offenders. Three common forms of management used in the criminal justice system are scientific management, human relations management, and systems management. The scientific management model was created by Fredrick Taylor in the 1940’s which emphasized in developing routines to carry out tasks, train workers for routines and to match workers with appropriate job assignments and tasks. Scientific management would be commonly used by police and prisons where the hierarchical system is commonly used. This model allows officers to work their way through the ranking system to gain more overall knowledge, instead of giving the responsibility to a higher ranked officer already. Human relations management is the next theory commonly used. Human relations emphasize morale, values, and feelings of workers to make them feel like important aspects of the team. Also known as the demographic or participatory management, supervisors act as mentors to aid officers instead of micromanaging them. Typically, this type of management often butts heads with the hierarchical style communication, so police and prisons do not use this method as much. Systems management is the final method we will talk about. Systems management requires a great amount of organizational leadership and knowledge. In this system management must recognize and understand different perspectives, and functions based off the information they gather from data and employees. System management also includes specialization of different components within a department such as homicide unit and gang enforcement that is commonly used in the larger criminal justice departments.

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