CJ 112 SNHU Wk 2 How the Criminal Justice System Works in the US Research Paper

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In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

Explain how the rule of law influences professional practice in criminal justice


You are a community outreach coordinator at your local law enforcement agency. The department has undertaken an initiative to reach out to diverse populations in your community. There is always a need in your community for support toward becoming a citizen. For example, numerous recent immigrants, resident aliens, and documented immigrants could all benefit from outreach materials that explain how the criminal justice system works in the United States. You have been given the task of creating outreach materials for this initiative. The materials you’ll create for this project are specific to the rule of law and the Constitution.


Initiative Materials

Your initiative needs professional materials to support it. Create one or more relevant products that address all of the required elements:

Describe how the Constitution guides law enforcement practice and policy. Include the following:

A brief overview of the Constitution

Purpose of the document

  • Brief summary of the document

A summary of how the Fourteenth Amendment shifted the Constitution

Describe how the Bill of Rights guides criminal justice practice and policy. Include the following:

A brief overview of the Bill of Rights

The purpose of the Bill of Rights

Explain how the Fourth, Sixth, or Eighth amendment ensures specific rights given to citizens. Include the following:

A brief explanation of the amendment

  1. A real-world example of when rights under this amendment might not be guaranteed

A list of examples of times when the actions of criminal justice professionals may be restricted

  • Explain the importance of laws and policing in a democratic society (free society). Include the following:

A brief history of policing in the United States, including the birth of modern policing in London

  1. An explanation of the rule of law and how it’s applied, in general

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