[SOLVED] Curriculum Specialist

As the new Curriculum Specialist for a large school district, you are constantly monitoring data to determine whether all of your students are achieving at an equitable level. Your district has approximately 3,000 students. The current student population of the school district is quite diverse across grade levels:
See chart
Your most recent data review reveals the district is struggling with equitable student achievement in reading, math, and science. Across all grade levels, diverse students are lagging behind their peers in reading, math, science, and social studies. The district mandates the use of the statewide Common Core standards for its curriculum and engages the teachers in many hours of content-related professional development.
What recommendations would you make to address the inequitable student achievement? Respond to the following prompts:
Suggest two possible causes for the inequitable student achievement for reading, math, and science. At least one suggestion must address an element of student diversity.
Choose a grade level from the chart and two broad areas of diversity represented by the demographic data. List your choices.
Recommend one of the Six Major Principles of Effective Instructional Tools for each subject area for your grade level: reading, math, and science. Thus, you will end up with three major principles—one for reading, one for math, and one for science.
Justify why the principles you selected are most appropriate. For example, why is Primed Background Knowledge important in science for ELLs in 6-8th  grade?
Describe how implementing the principles of UDL can benefit the areas of diversity you selected and the content areas. Use specific examples.
Curriculum Specialist

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