Change in The Current Conservative Position Discussion

You will then submit replies of at least 250-350 words to at least 2 other students’ threads. Each reply must include a Scripture reference and at least 1 scholarly source, plus the text—all in current APA format.

You are the senior Human Resources representative in a large organization with locations throughout the United States. The company has a long history of taking conservative views or positions on social issues. However, as economic compression strengthens, the senior leadership in the company recognizes that the conservative reputation of the organization is limiting entry in to various markets. The decision has been made to make changes throughout the organization’s approach to these issues, starting with its people programs. Specifically, the organization has selected to approve the offering of health benefits to domestic partners. You’ve been tasked with preparing the roll-out of this new initiative to the employees at all locations. Discuss how this will impact the organizations diversity training – what will need to change? Provide specific elements of how you will handle the concerns of current employees, over this new direction the leadership is taking. Finally, how will you personally balance this shift in the organizations’ direction, with your biblical worldview?

Student Threads 1

Being the senior Human Resources representative in a large conservative organization in the United States, I would have to follow what the leadership of the organization approves. Diversity training is an important aspect, and it is one that falls under the area of Human Resources. Because the company is largely conservative and has been holding conservative views, it will take more cultural training than anything else to get the employees used to the changes that are being put into place. According to our Human Resource Management textbook, “Companies can develop ethics codes and training so that employees understand the problems they might face in global environments. These guidelines could be wrapped into regular cultural and/or transition training that prepares individuals for working in a diverse global workplace” (Valentine et al., p. 24, 2020). The diversity training that will be provided by Human Resources will help to understand why the company is changing positions on something like health benefits and understand it culturally. Cultural training is important to help others understand different cultural backgrounds of fellow employees, and various ways of life. Sensitivity training will be helpful to bring in to encourage support of all employees in the company. Employees need to feel supported and like they are wanted in the company in order to make their experience positive. According to an article discussing cultural training in healthcare, it states “The vast majority of participants clearly believed that cultural considerations are an important component of best practice health care and that professionals should be learning about different cultural groups” (Sheperd et al., 2019). There needs to be a strong sense of leadership and openness within a company, whether everyone agrees or disagrees. Not everyone is going to agree with the company’s change in policy after this training, but creating a space where employees feel open to share their opinion and not feel ostracized by others is the main goal. Another study showed that ostracism and organizational silence influence knowledge sharing in a negative way (Takhsha et al., 2020). As the senior Human Resources representative, I may not completely agree with the lifestyle of people using this new policy that gives health benefits to domestic partners. As a Christian, it is clear in the Bible that same-sex marriage is completely wrong. However, domestic partners are not married couples. I still believe that same-sex couples go completely against God’s word, but I also believe that Christ offers forgiveness and mercy to everyone. Romans 3:23 says “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (ESV). We are all sinners in need of a loving God to forgive us, so these domestic partners that may be living a lifestyle that is against God’s word may come to realize that and ask for forgiveness and completely change their ways.


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Student thread 2

The company has analyzed the economic changes and has established new goals and objectives to compete successfully, persevere, and thrive. The company is redefining and improving the health benefits process to eliminate any negative impacts that would affect the organization, loss of employees, and retaining employees. The organization has selected to approve the offering of health benefits to domestic partners.

The organization will need to provide awareness training regarding current diversity issues within the organization. The awareness training will need to cover equal employment opportunity (EEO) the legal actions that can hurt the organization. Equal Employment Opportunity is “compliance with federal, state, and even local equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws and regulations.” (Sean Valentine, 2020) The organization will need to target how one reacts to another’s beliefs or values. Address that we are not to change one’s belief, but to understand that while in the workplace, our attitude and behavior are being observed and measured.

Specific elements to handle concerns are having discussion workshops and informing the employees of the new laws established throughout the nation. Ensure all information provided is confidential and create a good trust relationship between employee and employer. Communication is key. Explain to the employees how past conservative views as an organization can limit the growth of the company. The goal is to have employees understand that even if there are differences within the team members, a positive change of being diverse will make for one big team. One big team not only understands the differences but value the differences. Achieving this goal also establishes a level of respect within the organization. The changes allow the organization to continue to thrive in the markets and; also establish a work-life balance and abide by the laws set out in other states with locations. Because the company operates throughout the United States, there may be laws to require a company to offer domestic partner benefits. By approving the new change, the organization may reduce legal issues that pertain to benefits. The change will allow the organization to keep current employees, offer new opportunities for job seekers, gain the respect of employees, and successfully grow as a diverse organization.

The states, the term domestic partnership is defined as “a committed relationship between two adults of the opposite sex or same-sex.” (OPM.GOV, n.d.) I do not oppose domestic partner relationships, nor do I condone domestic partnerships. I know that holding a senior HR position will, at times, test my personal beliefs. I know, in this position, I am currently representing not just the companies’ future but the voice for the employees as well. Offering these benefits will show that our organization is compassionate, open-minded, and respectful to all employees. I must take into consideration the needs of the company, as well as the respect of the employees’ personal life.

I was taught and still to this day practice; who am I am to judge others. Only the Lord has the power to judge a person. I am to respect others’ beliefs. For biblical guidance, I turn to Luke 6:37, “Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” (Holy Bible, New King James Version, 1982)

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