CC Argument Reasoning Worksheet

EXERCISE SET #1:Each of the following passages contains an argument. Break each argument down into its standard format. Pay attention to any indicator words, thenomit them in your standardized argument. Also, watch for any nonworking propositions, making sure that they do not end up in your standardized argument either. Remember to type and print your answers…this is a requirement of homework assignments.

1.Sinceyou’re beginning your crosscountry road trip tomorrow morning, you ought to have the oil changed in your car tonight.

2.This bottle of Opus One wine must be good, because all expensive wines are good, and this bottle of Opus One wine is expensive.

3.Mike ishardworking, intelligent, and honest, and given that he has owned two successful businesses in the past, it makes sense to conclude that Mike would be a good person to go into business with.

4.The skate park must not have been vandalized last night, becauseif the skate park got vandalized, then it would be closed, and it’s not closed.

5.I most likely got food poisoning from Acme Sushi. First, I had been feeling great until a few hours after I ate there. Second, I found out that they only got a “C” rating from the county health department. Last, the spicy tuna rolls did smell a little funny.

6.Either my keys are at your place or I locked them in the car. Since we just turned your place upside down looking for them with no success, it must be the case that they are locked in the car.

7.Michelle and Sarah both love surfing. They both love skateboarding, and they both love the snow as well. Michelle has really started to love snowboarding, hence Sarah will probably love snowboarding as well.

8.Physicianassisted suicide ought to be legal. Terminally ill people are autonomous agents capable of deciding when they have suffered enough. Legalizing physicianassisted suicide would spare many people from prolonged battles with excruciating pain. Furthermore, it would spare relatives the agony of having to watch a loved one suffering an undignified death, not to mention the fact that it would cut social costs.

9.A traditional college education can train you for a career, but it can also train you to be more focused and disciplined as well. Also, a traditional college education gives you the opportunity to be exposed to people you may not have sought out on your own, and to concepts that most likely have never even occurred to you. And, considering the fact the cost of aneducation is going up and admissions to fouryear universities are becoming more competitive, you ought to take your college education seriously.

10.Mike has probably tried alcohol, seeing that 71% of 10thgraders have tried alcohol and Mike is a 10thgrader.

11.Drugs are harmful and they are addictive and therefore ought to remain illegal. Forget these worthless junkies! Plus, it has been shown that once a drug is legal, its use is increased, and addicts are more likely to stick with treatment when compelled by the law.

12.If you had been living within your budget, then you would have no problem paying the rent. But seeing that you are short again this month, it’s obvious that you haven’t been living within your budget.

13.Smoking is detrimental to your healthbecause the Surgeon General of the United States has said so.

14.Handgun licensing should not be more restrictive, seeing that if there were a ban on handguns, criminals would still find ways to arm themselves, but lawabiding citizens would not.15.All of the musicians in the orchestra are highly skilled players, and some musicians in the orchestra are deaf, so some highly skilled players are deaf.

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