Capella University Judiciary Reflection Paper

Topic:  Judiciary paper assignment

Response paper for the Judiciary – choose one of the following options for this assignment and address all questions for the topic you selected.

Cameras in the Courtroom

There is debate about whether there should be cameras used in the courtroom.  Some argue that it is beneficial while others feel that it is distracting to the proceedings.  The U.S. Supreme Court has only allowed audio taping of important cases.  Generally, courts do not allow cameras to record proceedings, although laws may vary by state.  Fourteen federal trial courts are taking part in a digital video pilot program. (See link for Cameras in Courtroom in module)

First review one of the videos available on the Cameras in the Courtroom website. Note that you may choose your video based on the court location, subject matter or procedural issues. 

In your paper you should clearly state which case you viewed, begin with a summary of the content of the video and case then proceed to answer all of the following questions.

Did you get the sense that the presence of the camera seemed to impact the people in the courtroom?  

You should also reflect on how you feel about cameras in the courtroom overall.  Should they be allowed in all cases, only certain cases or not at all? 

Be certain to state your reasons for your conclusion and give examples.


Pathways to the Bench

Watch at least TWO of the videos detailing the pathways to the bench that some of the federal judges have taken. There is a link in the module.

Your assignment is to write a reflection paper that includes all of the following elements.

You must identify which videos you watched

Summarize their content of the videos

You must detail the selection process to become a federal judge (all three steps).

What you believe should be factors considered in this process?

What are your reflections on the videos you watched?

Support your argument using the text, your knowledge of American politics and outside sources (if necessary).

Cameras in the Courts (Links to an external site.) or  Pathways to the Bench

(Links to an external site.) 

Pathways to the Bench Video Series

In the video series Pathways to the Bench, individual judges talk about the personal, characters building challenge..


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