Cal Eastbay Strategy Formulation and Implementation Application Research Report

For this module application is focused on formulating and articulating alternative strategies and recommendations for the firm and planning for implementation of these recommendations. There should be less research than in prior weeks and more effort on analysis and reporting; so:

Research any missing information from prior reports or extend research of key areas related to strategic alternatives.

Analyze the information and findings from prior reports for strategy options and alternatives, with a focus on qualifying and quantifying the opportunity and risks in the context of company strengths and weaknesses. Perform a comparative analysis of the alternatives using the criteria of Firm-level Key Results Areas (KRAs; from assignment 1) and the Balanced Scorecard perspective.

Develop recommendations for strategic direction of the firm, estimate the major implementation activities and timeline, with any resource investments necessary (i.e, a budget), and use the Balanced Scorecard perspective to draft the goals and measures that might be used to gauge success in the strategy implementation.

Finally, note any significant organizational considerations, including board of directors structure and membership changes, re-organization implications, organizational structure changes, and leadership demands or impact. Only include those that would be impacted by your recommendations.

Report your findings in the same format as previous reports.  Suggestions for the report are as follows:

You need to establish your OWN recommendations based on your analysis to help the organization address their weaknesses and threats and/or take advantage of opportunities so that they can continue to have competitive advantage in the future. Remember your organization is NOT perfect. I will be looking for your own thoughts on how the company could do this, NOT what they are already doing or someone else’s ideas.

Implementation steps must be included, and looks at the org’s structure, leadership, culture, and strategy to show how your recommendations can be applied to the company, leveraging the organization’s strengths. In other words, you should be able to discuss what would be needed for managers to implement your recommendations, a timeframe for implementation, and feasibility of the plan (e.g., costs, acceptance by employees, training needed, expertise of employees, capabilities, etc…). Ask yourself here… what steps will management need to take in order to successfully implement my recommendations AND is the recommendation feasible in terms of cost and time for implementation with current resources of the company? How will all this impact the organization’s competitive advantage over the long term?

Problem identification

Proposed solution (all aspects of the report must be analyzed in relation to the proposed solution)

Implementation activities




Feasibility analysis 

Note: student examples are simply examples and may include errors, use these examples with your best judgement. AVOID using these as templates as they might not work for your selected company. For example, students in past classes have used the exact same headings as those provided in the examples, but the headings did not work for their company and caused them to fail an assignment. Remember to use critical thinking and report in a manner that best suits your company.

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