For this project, you will create a simple text adventure game. Your player should be provided with a game “world” that has the following features:
  1. Each group member should provide at least one function corresponding to an area/room to explore. Each room/area should provide the player with a brief description and objects or characters for the player to interact with.
  2. The game should have (at least) one value that tracks the player’s progress (wealth, health, experience points, etc.).
  3. The player needs to be able to enter commands (a direction, identify an object to pick up, etc.)
  4. The game should “hold together”. That is, it should have a consistent theme. Do not neglect your game’s narrative — try and draw your player in to the game world with an interesting story.
  5. You are free to use ASCII art from the web (provided you give credit to your sources in your documentation).
  6. You are free to go above and beyond the specifications above.


  • continue to practice using C++ decisions (if/else/switc)
  • continue to practice using C++ loops
  • design, implement, and test C++ functions


  1. Each individual group member’s contribution (especially their room/area/function) needs to include their name. If you wrote the function, put your name in comments at the top of the function.
  2. Your program must compile and run without errors.
  3. Each individual’s function must be substantial. That is, each function must have a description and offer the player choices to be made.
  4. The game must be playable
  5. The player must be able to enter commands or select menu options.
  6. Each room must have an object, character, or puzzle for the player to interact with
  7. The player’s progress must be measured in at least one (1) way, such as a score, wealth, or health

Bonus Features

  • Add the ability to save the game so that the user can continue playing later.
  • Add a “high score” board.
  • Maintain more than one attribute for the player (for example both health and wealth).

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