[SOLVED] Business/Strategic Plan Report

Assessment Requirement Business/Strategic Plan Report
You are required to produce a business/strategic plan report for a new business venture (NBV) scenario, which should be suitable for considerations by potential investors and relevant stakeholders.
In producing your report, you should:
1. Introduce and justify clearly the selection of a new business venture; in doing so, you should conduct relevant research into the industry, market and business environment the company would be situated in.
2. Recommend and justify a form of business ownership.
3. Using the marketing mix framework, describe and discuss how it can be used
to ensure long-term success of the business; in doing so, you should also
quantitatively outline the set of assumptions that you will adopt later for cash
flow forecast.
4. Discuss how the concepts of business ethics and corporate social responsibility
can be used to ensure long-term success of the business venture.
5. Construct justifiable and reasonable cash flow forecasts for the next 5 years of
business venture operation.
The report should demonstrate planning, research, analysis and the ability to build
coherent critical arguments. You are expected to refer to your core text and other
credible academic sources.
Assessment Criteria
The following criteria will be assessed:
1. Overall contextual research into the relevant industry, market and business
environment of the new business venture (20%)
2. Recommended form of business ownership (20%)
3. Use of marketing mix to justify the strategy being set out for the new business
venture (20%)
4. Definition and justification of corporate social responsibility and its value for
long-term success (20%)
5. Robust linkages with your cash flow forecasts (15%)
6. Overall communication and presentation of the report (5%)
Word Count
The word count should not exceed 3,000 words excluding references and
appendices. Penalties apply for exceeding the word count. No formal penalties apply
for using fewer than 3,000 words but in so doing you may be penalising yourself as it
is likely to be challenging to respond to the requirement in less than 3,000 words.
Guidelines: Format: 11” Arial, Justified, 1.5 Space.
Essential Source:
• Pride, W, Hughes, R. and Kapoor, J., (2018) Foundations of Business, 6th
Edition, Cengage.
• Boddy, D. (2014) Management: An Introduction, 7th ed., Pearson.
Other Texts:
• Cassidy, C., VanHuss, S. H., and Kreitner, B. (2015) Administrative
Management: Setting People up for Success, Stamford: Centage Learning.
• Clegg, S., Kornberger, M., Pitsis, T. S. and Mount, M. (2019) Managing and
Organisations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, 5th Ed. Sage.
• Kelly, M., Williams, C., (2018) BUSN [Online], 11th Ed. Cengage.
• Needle, D., (2015) Business in Context 6th Ed. Cengage Learning.
Expectation: Critical analysis. The rules on plagiarism apply.
Note on References
Harvard Referencing. It is important to reference sources in accordance with the
referencing conventions recommended for the course. These conventions apply to
information taken from Internet sources, books and journals and also lecture notes.

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