Business Ethics Levi Strauss Company Discussion

Option #1: Companies – Ethical or Not? 

Based on the first letter of your last name you have been assigned to one of the companies highlighted in the cases in the text. Consult the list below for your company/case. Read the case in the textbook and do some outside research on the highlighted company. Note that not all of the cases are specifically about ethics. You may have to dig into some outside sources to uncover ethical concerns about the company.

Note – You are not answering the case questions and you do not have to provide history and background on the company.

Based on what you’ve found out in your research and what you’ve learned about business ethics, write a three-paragraph essay addressing the following two questions: 

  1. Based on the evidence, is this company ethical? Why or why not. 
  2. Based on the evidence, business ethics does or does not matter in the short-term/long-term. 

Company/Case Assignments: 

  • Letters A-F – Levi Straus
  • Letters G-L – Zara 
  • Letters M-R – Ikea
  • Letters S-Z – Harley-Davidson 

Option #2: Countries – Ethical Standings 

When we think of what makes a country an attractive place to do business, we might think of economic factors like GDP growth or high levels of consumer spending. However, ethics and human rights issues should not be overlooked. For this forum, students should select a country to investigate based on ethics, HDI, and corruption levels. Once a country has been selected, students should evaluate its ranking on three different indices: HDI, corruption, and human rights using the linked rankings below. Students should write a three-paragraph essay addressing the following questions:



Human Rights:

How did the country do on the three rankings? 

What does this tell you about the country? Make some evidence supported inferences.
Should we do business with countries that rank poorly in these areas (especially human rights)? Why or what not? 

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