Capstone Project Overview

Welcome to BUS599, the capstone course for your graduate degree. This course brings together concepts and learning from other courses you have taken, and you culminate your graduate degree journey with a final project: a Business Plan. With the focus on the creation of major sections of a successful Business Plan, you are provided a portfolio that contains data from which you will analyze and synthesize information that will be used in a step-by-step process to enable your learning of strategic management concepts. During each week of this course, you will be introduced to another section of the Business Plan to work with, receive meaningful feedback, and, by the final weeks, compile these deliverables into your capstone Business Plan.

You will be creating a new business in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, and you do not have to be an expert in this specific industry! In fact, we expect that once you complete this course your newly learned knowledge and skills in putting together a successful Business Plan can be used to create or update Business Plans in almost any industry. The BUS599 capstone project will be a reflection of your capabilities to think critically, strategically and creatively!  

  • Mini Project Deliverable 1: Company Description (20 pts.)
  • Project Deliverable 1: SWOT Analysis (100 pts.)
    • Submission Requirements
    • SWOT Analysis (MS Word or equivalent)
  • Project Deliverable 2: Marketing Plan (100 pts.)
    • Submission Requirements
    • Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy (MS Word or equivalent)
    • Marketing Budget (MS Excel worksheets bundled with course textbook)
  • Mini Project Deliverable 2: Operation, Technology, and Management Plan (60 pts.)
  • Project Deliverable 3: Ethics & Social Responsibility Plan (100 pts.)
    • Submission Requirements
    • Ethics & Social Responsibility Plan (MS Word or equivalent)
  • Mini Project Deliverable 3: The Financials (60 pts.)
  • Project Deliverable 4: Business Plan – Draft (120 pts.)
    • Submission Requirements
    • Business Plan Draft (MS Word or equivalent)
    • Revised Business Plan Financials (MS Excel worksheets template)
  • Project Deliverable 5: Executive Summary & Presentation (100 pts.)
    • Submission Requirements
    • Written Executive Summary (MS Word or equivalent)
    • Presentation (MS PowerPoint or equivalent)
  • Project Deliverable 6: Business Plan – Final (80 pts.)
    • Submission Requirements
    • Business Plan Final (MS Word or equivalent)
    • Revised Business Plan Financials (MS Excel worksheets template)

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