BSAD 2013 DC Understanding Management 8 Ed Book Ch 10 to 14 Discussions

BSAD 2013 Principles of Management

Select one essay from each chapter and address the questions by providing sufficient information. Make sure to answer all questions listed! Each question will be worth 25 pts.

Chapter 10: Understanding Individual Behavior

  1. Explain the difference between internal and external attributions and how each may effect management decisions. How does perceptional distortions effect management decisions?
  2. You have recently been promoted to the position of manager and are eager to get started leading your staff. You begin your first staff meeting by telling employees about all the changes that will happen in the department and are dismayed when your employees don’t seem as excited as you are about the changes. You decide to self-reflect. How could you have handled the meeting differently?
  3. Explain the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Provide an example of each. What type of reward is better for employee motivation? Why?
  4. As a manager, you are noticing that your employees’ excitement surrounding their job duties has waned. How can you use the core job dimensions to help motivate employees? Provide an example for each dimension.
  5. Explain channel richness and the different types of communication that you find on the continuum. Provide an example of when it is appropriate to use each type of communication.
  6. According to the format discussed in class, write a brief business memo including the following information:
  7. Conflict happens for a variety of reasons. Explain the difference between task and relationship conflict. Explain a conflict that you have experienced in your life. Was it a task or relationship conflict? Upon reflection, what if anything would you have done differently?
  8. You have been offered a new job and it is time to negotiate the salary. Referring to the handout “Seven Strategies for Negotiating Success” list your priorities and list them in ranking order. Describe what a BANTA is used for and establish one for this position. Give your reason for setting the BANTA.

Chapter 12: Motivating Employees

Chapter 13: Managing Communication

You are an administrative assistant. You want to tell 10 people about an upcoming computer training seminar. You are attaching a brochure about the seminar from the presenter, but you also need to inform them of the following:

  • what the training is for
  • who the presenter is, including a brief statement about his/her background
  • where the training will be held, including the date and time
  • whether or not parking is available
  • whether or not lunch and/or any refreshments will be served
  • Chapter 14: Leading Teams

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