BCC Preparing for Natural Disasters Earthquake Discussion

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According to the Ready.gov website, “natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, forest fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and landslides affect thousands of people every year. You should know what your risks are and prepare to protect yourself, your family, and your community. Recognizing an impending hazard and knowing what to do to protect yourself and your family will help you take effective steps to prepare beforehand and aid recovery after the event. Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling a supply kit and developing a family emergency plan, are the same for all types of hazards. However, each emergency is unique and knowing the actions to take for each threat will impact the specific decisions and preparations you make. By learning about these specific threats, you are preparing yourself to react in an emergency” (Ready).


Create a natural disaster preparedness guide to an earthquake and post it to the discussion board. The guide should include multimedia and be well organized. The aim is to provide meaningful information to help prepare for the particular disaster You can use existing guides as inspiration, but your guide should be original. It can be formatted as a document, poster, or slideshow and attached to your post. Your guide will include the following sections and information:

PART A – The Guide

  • Section 1: BEFORE – describe how people should prepare for the disaster. If people can be warned in advance (advanced warning system), describe how is this communicated.
  • Section 2: DURING  – describe what actions people should take during the disaster.
  • Section 3: AFTER – describe what actions people should take after the disaster.
  • Section 4: FAQ and Who to Call – List and answer three “Frequently Asked Questions” about the disaster. 
  • List three national phone numbers or government websites to visit for more information. These should be the same ones you used to make your guide.

PART B – Case Study

  • Include a summary of a real natural disaster that relates to your guide. Give the date of the disaster and how it impacted the community/area. As a suggestion, put Part B in your post and then attach your guide.

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