Barstow Community College Major Challenges in the Transport Sector Discussion

Discussion Question:

Describe the major challenges the transportation industry is facing in the current environment. Respond to your peers and cite your work.


Vanessa Greenlee

The major challenges that the transportation industry is facing today is the cutting of transportation logistics cost. One major way they are cutting transportation cost is consolidating the bulk shipments and putting them all in one truck load. The problem with this is that it may delay deliveries and also impact the customer satisfaction negatively. Of course the transportation industry is having a really big shortage in truck drivers. Where I work we see it a lot when trying to schedule a truck for a load picked up it has been a nightmare. Trucking companies either don’t have the man power or they don’t have certified truck drivers to take a hazmat or a classified shipment. These challenges definitely affect the shipping department and the receiving party. Another major challenge is having to comply with the government regulations. Federal Motor Company safety administration (FMCSA) had a law in place for truck drivers that limits them to the amount of hours they are on the roads. So for example truck drivers could only drive five hours at a time then had to take a break. However in March of 2020 the FMCSA temporarily waived the working hour limit so that truck drivers could meet the demands during the stay at home orders period now that the stay at home orders are lifted truck drivers have to follow the FMSCA’s guidelines again.…


Matthew Prather

The top 3 significant challenges that I found in the transportation industry in our current environment are drivers shortages, retention, and driver compensation. There is a driver shortage partly due to everything opening up after the covid-19 crisis. The supply of shipments to reach the consumer’s demand requires more drivers to move these supplies from place to place. However, there are very few drivers because they either quit or are suffering from the virus known as covid-19. Speaking of health concerns, many drivers left due to the retention of the transportation industry involvement in handling the pandemic. Let us be honest no one handled this virus well, and the whole logistic industry suffered because of the decision of the consumer and the supplier. Safety conditions skyrocketed, and drivers put their life on the line while moving these supplies that could carry the virus. Many got sick or died of this virus which caused the rest of these truck drivers to consider early retirement. Another big issue for the truck transportation industry is that these drivers are not getting the proper compensation for their work. These truck drivers are stressed out with dealing with outrageous deadlines for the time required to deliver these supplies. On top of that, truck drivers are hauling full loads and are constantly on the road. These drivers need to be compensated for every mile or week that they have been on the road. Truck drivers also need hazard pay, the amount of the load size, and receive extra pay for delivering the load on time. Overall I believe that the transportation industry will eventually get ahold of this pandemic and handle the consumer’s demand better with qualified drivers.


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