Tomlinson writes that the best way forward to a better human future might be his augmentation of ‘balance’ to the philosophy espoused by political theorist William Connolly. Connolly argues that speed can be a “catalyst in the production of cultural-political pluralism” as it “makes us face up to both material and moral contingency.” By ‘contingency’ he means the notion that how we live materially and how we make moral decisions contain “an element of accident and surprise” in “the flow of time.” The problem with Connolly’s approach, as Tomlinson sees it, is that immediacy can foster a sense of inertia, making a person rest in the comforts of consumer culture without ever trying to improve oneself or the human condition. To, as Tomlinson says, release fast culture from “the grip immediacy holds over speed” could be accomplished by what he calls a constant “re-balancing in the face of contingency.” In other words, to take the notion that life is always in a state of becoming, we could then “experience ourselves as capably and sensitively attuned to our fast-moving environment and so [experience ourselves] as existentially flexible, responsive, and resilient”(11). 

1. Assess Tomlinson’s idea of ‘re-balancing’ in light of at least two of our course readings/films/case studies. 

Use these as references and use in-text citations… 

-Read page 6-11 Tomlinson read.

-use Osbaldiston attachment as a reference

2. Choose another of Tomlinson’s “slow values”–abstention, patience, or focus, and analyze it in light of Shari Tishman’s approach to slow looking. How does Tomlinson either support or refute Tishman’s approach? Use Tishman, Tomlinson, and your own slow looking experiences to craft your response.

Tishman read – you don’t have to read the whole book just choose one of the chapters to compare with one of Tomlinson’s value 9781315283814_webpdf.pdf Tomlinson writes that the best way forward to a better human future might be his augmentation of ‘balance’ to the philosoph

Tomlinson read – “the culture of speed” pdf

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