ASU Environmental Science Carbon Footprint and Carbon Offsetting Discussion

his is a 2 step assignment:

Step 1:

Use the EPA’s Carbon Footprint Calculator (Links to an external site.) to calculate your own, personal carbon footprint. Find out exactly how much YOU, personally, are contributing to the global climate crisis.

  • What to submit: In a short (150-300 word) essay: discuss 3 ways in which your carbon footprint is higher than you expected and, for each, come up with a realistic (one that’s actually feasible for you to do, starting today) plan for reducing your footprint.

step 2

Unfortunately, reducing our future footprints is only part of the equation. We also need to remove the carbon we’ve already released in to the atmosphere. We can do this through “carbon offsetting”. Watch the video below for information on how carbon offsetting works, why it’s necessary and its fall backs (nothing is perfect, but perfection should not be the enemy of the good). Then, visit the Carbon Footprint website (Links to an external site.) and using the website identify one project you’d be willing to support now, or in the future. Scroll to the bottom of the website, and enter the information on your carbon footprint from step 1, convert your answer from step 1 (which is in lbs) to US tons by dividing by 2000. Calculate how much it would cost to offset enough of your carbon footprint to become carbon-neutral (no net emissions of carbon in to the atmosphere) by entering the value in the appropriate box and finding your selected project in the list that pops up. Note: when you click ‘get prices’ the projects are grouped in to regional projects so your chosen project may be put in to one of those categories (click the titles to explore further).

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