Assignment: 2

“Green” event and convention planning is now an established trend within the global hospitality and convention industry. Hospitality operations sponsoring conferences, meetings, and other events often strive to reduce the environmental impacts of these events. Hospitality operations are encouraging their event planners to examine the ways in which waste can be eliminated, reduced, or recycled during the course of the meeting.


You will plan an entire “green” meeting, conference, or convention, from beginning to end, by researching and documenting the information required. To accomplish this, you will assume the role of an event planner with an event-planning corporation.


Complete the following activities to plan your “green” event:


Document where the event will be held and why, the theme of the event, the event’s target market and estimated number of attendees, date and time of the event, and the lodging facility.

Describe in detail why the meeting or convention venue selected is a “green” venue.

Describe how attendees will travel to the host city.

Explain the attrition penalty and cancellation policy.

Identify the types of guest speakers for the event and why they were chosen based on the theme of the event.

Document the exhibitors for your event and describe why the exhibitors were chosen.

Create a risk-management program documenting the potential risks, effect of the risks, and steps to prevent the risks from occurring.

Research and describe the type of service contractor hired to assist with your event and why he or she was chosen.

Document services that will be provided by the service contractor.

Describe the ways in which your event will be promoted.

Document the types of costs that may be incurred due to the event.

Describe the various event sponsors.

Document five event objectives using the specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-focused (SMART) approach.

Submit your paper in a five- to six-page Microsoft Word document.  Use APA guidelines for your submission. Include a minimum of three peer reviewed articles for your paper.

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