Solved: Quality improvement processes

Quality improvement processes
Assignment Content
Assess the efficacy of quality improvement processes. ScenarioYou lead the Assurance Think Tank, “Quality 4 Our System” comprised of several other leaders from within the Oakridge healthcare system. Some of the Assurance Think Tank members were debating the relevance of quality improvement initiatives and influences on patient safety and outcomes. During the meeting, you agreed to prepare an executive summary regarding quality improvement initiatives.
Student Success Criteria
View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane.
Prepare an executive summary regarding current evidence based quality improvements and make recommendations to integrate evidence-based practices into the quality improvement initiatives. The summary should include the following information:
Differentiate between evidence-based practice and quality improvement processes.
Summarize common threats to quality and patient safety initiatives and the role quality improvement processes can neutralize these threats.
Develop a strategic plan based on a quality improvement model to address patient safety.
From the Grader NEEDS WORK!!!!!
This is good overall, but you were missing clear distinction with criterion #1 which put you at a “1”. Go back and re-read that criterion and add a subheading and outline those recommendations. Once you do that, your score will go up! You did well in other criterion, but have an ongoing issue with intext citations. Remember, you don’t want any sentence to stand on it’s own without a citation. So, if you have a intext citation one sentence before the end of the paragraph, where did the last sentence of information come from? It has to come from a source. Good start and overall easy fixes. Be sure to go through rubric for more detail on each criterion.
Criterion Feedback
No Clear recommendations here for evidence based-practices. You need recommendations (examples). Also, you need to move all intext citations to end of paragraph – don’t leave out the last sentence.
Criterion Feedback
This criterion is good, but missing multiple supporting rationales. Same issue with citing.
Criterion Feedback
You did very well in this section. Citing issue holding you back from a “4” here.
Criterion Feedback
Good section! Same citing issue holding you back from a “4” here. All of your info needs to come from scholarly research. Everything we say is based on research, so don’t leave out sentences.

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