Ashford University Underwater and Smart Sensors Network Research Paper

Here is some information that will help you in your group research paper/report. By now, you have seen the general structure of the research papers. Your research paper should be your own work – either your research about a project of your choice or a survey about a topic of your choice. As you prepare your group research paper/report, here are a few items that I would like to see in all the group research papers/reports:

1. Abstract – a summary of your research paper. You may consider adding some keywords at the end of the abstract but not required.

2. Section on Introduction – in this section you should describe the problem you are addressing. It should also contain some description as to why this topic is important. You may cite some other work that has been done on this topic and how your research work is different and how it adds to the knowledge on this subject. The last paragraph of this section should address the organization of your research paper. Rest of the sections should follow that organization.

3. You may consider adding a section on literature survey. However, that depends on the type of research being reported in your research. For example, if you are writing a survey paper, this section may be redundant.

4. If your paper is about solving a specific problem/project, you may like to describe the problem, and the solution you are proposing. If your paper contains any mathematical equations or simulation to evaluate your solution, you may describe your approach.

5. If your paper has some results that you would like to share with the readers, you may add a section on results and provide discussion about those results in that section. You may also add the significance of your results and how they compare with other approaches.

6. Finally, you should have a section on summary and conclusions summarizing the contents of the research paper.

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