APU Non Profit Fundraising Strategy Discussion and Responses


For this discussion, respond to the following:

Imagine that you are the founding director of a new nonprofit organization in Atlanta, GA. The primary mission of the organization is to provide services for the homeless community.

How would you go about developing a marketing strategy to raise funds for your organization? To answer this question effectively, you must draw ideas from the readings that have to do with marketing and fundraising. Also, imagine that you are explaining your ideas to your board members, all of whom rely heavily on your expertise and leadership in the fundraising. What would be the most effective way to communicate this information to them?

Your initial post should e at least 250 words. You will also need to post a response to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

Response to these two pos

Post 1: The job of fundraising doesn’t fall to any one individual. As the Founding Director and the public face, I present the most symbolic figure for the organization, but fundraising is about contact. It falls to everyone involved in the organization to reach out on the behalf of the organization and its mission. How can we go help the homeless, if we cant go talk to our friends, and the people already around us? So we start with a Planning study and ask our volunteers to go survey people they know who might be interested in getting involved. We ask them things like how do they feel about the mission and the organization, and what would get them interested in helping out. This will get everyone used to the idea of talking to people on the behalf of the organization. Then we do a series of fundraising meetings/events that will build up to a larger gala or dinner where we will invite local big-wigs and other connections we have made along the way. Everywhere we have flyers and cards with a QR code to a donation page. We have to make sure that the page is very user-friendly on all devices. After some food and drinks, we put on a presentation about what we are doing, who it is helping, why it is important, who it has already helped, and what is being done with monetary donations. We keep it very transparent and chalked full of pathos. Then we urge everyone to pull out their phones, scan a QR code, and give as much as they can to help the homeless. We get as many points of contact as we can throughout the process, and keep them informed on what an impact they have made for the organization, and how there is always the ability to give more if they wished to continue helping.

Post 2: The first point of business that needs to be attended to when creating a nonprofit is the mission. What is the reasoning behind the organization? In this case, the nonprofit I am heading up has the mission of providing services for the homeless community in Atlanta, Georgia. Next, it’s important to get people on board with your mission – people who have the same passion and want to seek out the same mission as you and your organization. When it comes to raising funds, everyone in the organization is involved in this process (whether they are actually asking for the money or not). According to the article, All about nonprofit fundraising, “everyone” refers to the CEO, board members, volunteer leaders, and staff members.

It will be important to understand the hierarchy of the people in your Nonprofit organization when it comes to marketing and raising funds. “The CEO is the chief advocate for the organization and its mission, and should be the most knowledgeable person about how the NPO is pursuing that mission. S/he is the public face of the NPO, with the most credibility.” While the board members should ideally be involved in the process of identifying, cultivating and soliciting (other) major donors. “Volunteer leaders are the people most involved with the identification, cultivation, evaluation and solicitation of major donors.” Staff members fall into three categories: Administrative and support staff, those who work at advancing and supporting the NPO, and the program staffers who design and deliver the NPO’s services.

Taking inventory of the people you know and the connections you have is going to be a key aspect in raising funds and marketing for your NPO. Utilizing social media for this would be a great way to start looking at your community and the connections you already have. The most effective way to communicate information to your board members, according to All about nonprofit fundraising, would be to bring someone in early on to educate them on the processes and procedures that are, typically, most effective, and to help them determine what might be most effective for them. I would also attend as many seminars and workshops as I could designed specifically for new Nonprofit Organization leaders (such as the TED talk by Reuben Mayes).

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