[SOLVED] Applying Ethnic Studies

writing an essay about Applying Ethnic Studies (you may use this title, but are encouraged to come up with something more creative) in which you translate course content, including theories, specific examples from lectures, and ways of approaching education (e.g., what topics are taught (or not) in K-12 education, what’s considered to be legitimate knowledge) to specific things you aim to do such as ideas you plan to explore further, things you want to teach to others, actions you want to take, or approaches you plan to employ when you encounter racism or other -isms. Note that vague comments such as “I’m going to be more aware of ___” will not suffice for purposes of this assignment, as the intent is to reflect on specific actions or goals.
Here are a few ideas of the sorts of things you might write about:
•    future coursework or training you plan to pursue (in addition to formal opportunities, consider actions like attending certain types of political or cultural events or reading about particular topics)
•    creative work you’d like to develop and/or support through your participation, collection,advocacy.
•    how you’re going to use or not use language, or how you will socialize others, such as current or future peers and family members, to be conscious of the use of language
•    ways you intend to approach public policy, whether through civic actions such as voting or engaging with elected representatives, or through more direct policy work
you are required to correctly cite at least 3 readings (the bare minimum) 2 book MUCH BE from the FILES that I upload and one from scholarly journal article assigned that related to this topic ( you can do the research or you can use the link that I added on the paper introduction part). In addition, all cited sources should come from different authors. it should be clear what source you are citing.
Applying Ethnic Studies

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