[SOLVED] Annotated Articles

Annotated Articles Identify a minimum of FIFTY references that are related to the research question you have chosen for your thesis. These sources could be scholarly articles, books, or reports, but the majority should come from peer-reviewed journals. Provide a reference list of all of these sources in ASA style
Select at least TEN of the references you feel will be the most appropriate and helpful in regard to your thesis and complete an annotated bibliography on them.
Annotated bibliographies must be typed and double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, a 12-point font, and numbered pages. They will be graded on content (did you cover the points listed below?), clarity (was your writing clear and well thought out?) and correct usage (are there any mistakes in your bibliographic citation, spelling and/or grammar?).
Below is a list of the points that MUST be treated in each annotated bibliography entry. You should be able to cover each point in a few sentences or less. Each complete entry should be a page or less in length, so you will need to be thorough yet concise. While you will be graded on the content and clarity for each of the points below, point (e) is the most critical and will count the most toward your grade.
What is the central research question or argument?
How is the research question answered or the argument supported? For an empirical study, briefly describe the method of data collection, the population of interest, and method of analysis?
What are the major findings, implications, and/or conclusions?
What problems do you see with this article? That is, what could have been done differently or better?
Why did you select this article? Specifically, how does this source inform the research question you plan to investigate? How is it related to the other articles you have selected for annotation Annotated Articles Annotated Articles

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