[SOLVED] An Intervention Plan

Intervention Plan – 20 points
The photo uploaded is the case( all the information inside is made-up, not real)
Write an intervention plan to address an issue that affects people in your agency or that address an area that you plan to focus on after completing your studies.  Describe actions that are needed.  Include a force field analysis of the case.  Possible outlines for the paper may come from McGowan, Netting, Ray, or Heffner readings.
One choice for this plan is the outline below.
Use headings.
Do not include an introduction or cover page.
Because this is submitted online, please submit in single-space.
Please submit it as a word document.
1.    Description of the Problem: one – three paragraphs
2.    Objective: One or two sentences, no more!! – be specific and measurable: Who will do what by when.
3.    Stakeholder analysis – who is involved in the problem and the objective:  one – three paragraphs
4.    Target/Critical actor – needs to be a person with a name: One sentence
5.    Facilitating actors: One paragraph
6.    Sanctions: three paragraphs
a.    How will your objective will advance the mission statement of the organization that the critical actor represents?
b.    What gives the critical actor the right to approve the objective?
c.    What gives you the role to initiate the change?  What resources do you have as the advocate?
7.    Prior efforts: What has happen in the past that shows you how the critical actor handles change.  One – three paragraphs.
8.    Force field analysis:  Identify at least four driving forces and identify at least four restraining forces. One – two paragraphs.
9.    How is White Supremacy and Anti Black racism an issue in the intervention.  How will it be addressed
10.    Resources: What resources will the critical actor need to approve the objective.  Identify at least 3 resources.  One – three paragraphs
11.  Receptivity: How receptive is the critical actor? This is the center of your paper.  One sentence.
12.  Level of intervention: How will you approach the critical actor to move the objective?  One paragraph.
13.  Object of intervention: What exactly do you want the critical actor to do. One paragraph.

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