AMU Psychology Interview of A Professional Questions

  • Dr. Natashia smith- Director of Orangeburg area mental health center…..
  • In the introduction of the report, identify the interviewee by his or her professional title, academic degree, and number of years of experience in an introduction paragraph prior to the first question/answer pair.
  • Identify the questions asked by using bold font and note the response provided directly below, removing the bold font.
  • Close the work with a substantive and cohesive section, describing what was learned during the interview, whether the interviewed provided insight that may serve may affect the direction of the student’s career path, and the most beneficial aspect of the interview assignment.

Include a minimum 8 to 10 pages, not including the required APA formatted title page; a reference page is NOT required as personal communications are not listed on reference pages.

The basic parts of a paper should also be included; these are the opening, introduction section, the body of the paper (substituted by the interview questions/answer section), and a conclusion that encompasses the points outlined in the instructions.

Please change all questions into open ended questions that cannot be answered in yes or no.

What was your original career goal?

Do you have any military background?

Why psychology as a career study?

Do you have any mental health issues yourself?

Do you have a family member that has any mental health issues?

What is your opinion on psychology major as a career choice to others?

Do you feel comfortable in this profession?

Do you think this profession is dangerous?

Are you interested in the money or actually helping people ?

Would you ever volunteer your services for free?

What is your goal when meeting someone with mental health issues?

Do you have a successful outcome with patients?

What is the youngest and oldest patient you have had experience with?

Do you prefer private practice or within a actual established business?

Are you comfortable talking with family members and there issues?

Is medication or natural method your preferred solutions to dealing with mental issues?

Involving self emotion is that something u shield when dealing with a sensitive situation?

How do you feel about veterans and owning firearms which are apart of the amendments to own but could be potentially dangerous depending on their mental issue?

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