American Public University Alliance for Healthier Generation Questions

A. After reading Chapter 11 and Chapter 11 PowerPoint from slides 1 – 10, sum up your understanding of Middle Childhood to include healthy habits, physical activity, brain development & movement, and the importance of neighborhood play. B. State why it is important for you to embrace this information.

2. When my daughter, who is a health and nutrition advocate, was teaching at a Title 1 school in a lower socioeconomic district in Las Vegas, she was appalled by the lack of nutritious meals that were served to the children. The meals were precooked, prepackaged and full of preservatives. The “Free and Reduced” breakfast for low-income children was set-up as a buffet option. For example, children with obvious dental decay would often select “Cocoa Puffs” drenched in chocolate milk as a breakfast choice. She approached the principal and then the superintendent and was told that the meals were not going to change because the contract for feeding children in Title 1 schools was signed, sealed and delivered, district-wide. She was asked, in so many words, to keep her opinions to herself. Please peruse the Website, “Alliance for a Healthier Generation.” A. If you had the time and the inclination, what steps would you take to encourage schools in your area to join the “Alliance for Healthier Generation” project? B.In a paragraph write why you feel joining this alliance is important. You may want to address your comments to the PTA, a group of parents, or a local school board.

3. Review the PowerPoint slides, 12 through 28, Multiple Intelligences. In addition, read the article, “Developing Multiple Intelligence in Young Learners” by Connie Hine. Next, View the Video Clip, “8 Intelligences, Theory of Multiple Intelligences” by Herod & the Video. A. Provide your understanding of “MI’s.” B.Answer the following question. Is there a place in our educational system for Multiple Intelligences, and should parents embrace Howard Gardner’s theory? C. If so, why? D.Take the MI Intelligence survey located in your Learning Module. What were the results? Conclude with your personal view on the study of MI’s and Middle Childhood.

Chapters 12 Reflective Essay Questions

1. Piaget called middle childhood the time for concrete operational thought, characterized by new logical abilities. By calling this period operational, Piaget emphasized productive thinking. A. In your own words describe the Concrete Operational Stage during middle childhood and explain how it differs from Preoperational thinking. B. Provide an example and explain why it is important to understand this very important stage of development.

2. A. Provide your understanding of schemata in terms of acquiring new knowledge. Note: In terms of schemataexplain neurological changes through the process of classification. B. New concepts are being formed during Middle Childhood at a rapid rate, however, adults also learn new concepts that expand and change their existing schemata. Describe a new concept or concepts that you have acquired recently that have refined, changed, modified, or reorganized your own personal schemata?

3. View the video clip, Understanding the Zone of Proximal Development (Vygotsky). Following, describe your understanding of ZPD. A. How does ZPD relate to Middle Childhood, Cognitive Development and why is understanding this theory essential when raising, teaching, or mentoring children? Note: Keep developmentally appropriate practice in mind (Piaget).

4. Review the following section in your textbook, “International Schooling,” pages 331 through 337 to include, “Finland.” Following, review the section on “Schooling in the United States,” pages 337 – 343. View the video, “Top 10 Reasons Finland Has the World’s Best School System,” and read, the two short articles, “11 Ways Finland’s Education System Shows Us That Less is Better,” and “This is Why Finland Has the Best Schools.” A. In two to three paragraphs, compare and contrast Finland’s school system with schooling in the USA. B. What are your personal views regarding these dramatically different models of schooling?

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